LETTER: Don’t trivialize the virus

This is in regards to the sanitized and usurped letter writer who apparently believes the liberal media has been blowing the pandemic out of proportion.

They believe since people die all the time we should question epidemic statistics and ignore what may or may not be working in various parts of the country with reopening.

If anything there were excess deaths compared to previous years occurring in New York on top of COVID confirmed cases.

Now there are rare cases of complications in children linked to the virus that parents need to be aware of to seek early treatment.

For many, information is empowering and has helped enormously in containing this virus in the United States.

And despite claims by those in rural and non-impacted areas who feel their rights were violated, the shutdowns worked.

It could have been worse for them.

We should not trivialize the virus to recklessly stimulate the economy, to protect those with mental health issues avoid bad news or to protect Trump.

We should not compare our population’s genetic and socioeconomic status or health care system with that of Sweden experimenting with non-shutdowns.

We should not use the lame excuse of freedom to avoid wearing masks.

We should not pretend this virus is no longer a problem.

That would be sanitizing the news.

Cheryl Nash

Port Angeles

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