LETTER: Don’t risk the lives of immigrant children

I grew up on a farm in Michigan, the second of 10 children.

My parents were hard workers and taught us the same.

My father worked in a factory and after the youngest child started school, Mom got a job as a bus driver for the school system.

We had good neighbors and everyone pitched in at harvest time.

We learned caring and respect for others.

I’m not sure Donald Trump learned any of those things.

He had lots of money, obviously, but where was the love and caring?

Otherwise, how could he possibly take children away from their parents?

Just think of that, your family walking that journey.

People don’t risk their children’s lives and cross a desert just for an adventure.

They do it to protect their lives from poverty, murderous gangs and a corrupt government.

You would do it, I would do it.

And in our America we would expect these children to be taken in, given adequate health care, safe schools and stabilized homes with their parents and given an opportunity to bring their strong work ethic and love of family values to beautify America.

Kathy Withey,