LETTER: Don’t be suckered in by the character assassinations of Hillary Clinton

The GOP has spent close to $80 million investigating the Clintons and coming up with nothing.

Have you ever been the subject of a character assassination?

I have, and I felt helpless to defend myself against all the lies and malicious jokes.

This is exactly what is going on with Hillary Clinton.

From Whitewater to her emails, the Republicans have spent over $80 million in taxpayer money on investigations attempting to prove the Clintons corrupt.

They got nothing.

But they have been very effective in their efforts to character-assassinate Hillary.

Recent Republican efforts to discredit Hillary involve the Benghazi attack, her private emails and the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI).

First, a House select committee absolved her of any wrongdoing regarding Benghazi.

Second, although private emails were used by a previous secretary of state [Colin Powell], the Republicans expressed no outrage about that.

Also, the FBI concluded that no laws were broken.

Third, Hillary and Bill Clinton get zero dollars in compensation from the CGI, rendering any pay-to-play accusation bogus.

The Republicans are so obsessed with character-assassinating Hillary Clinton that their efforts alone border on corruption.

The only argument put forth against this revelation is that the Clintons, as rich as they are, avoided indictments by using mobs of lawyers.

This argument fails for two reasons.

First, during the administration of Bill Clinton, the Clintons weren’t particularly rich.

Second, a bevy of lawyers didn’t help Dennis Hastert or Bernie Madoff among many other multimillionaires avoid conviction.

Being rich doesn’t guarantee being found not guilty.

So quit calling Hillary crooked and realize how Republicans have been using insinuation and misinformation to manipulate your perceptions.

Don’t be suckered in.

Vote based on facts.

Thomas A. Rogers,

Port Angeles