LETTER: Despite differences at national levels, Randy Johnson can make a difference here

The Clallam commissioner candidate can make our country work on the local level.

The presidential debates showed us that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump believe that the path to their election requires savaging each other rather than offering a vision of what they could bring to reverse the security, economic and cultural damage our country has suffered over the last decade.

Clallam County commissioner candidate Randy Johnson believes confrontation can be overcome at the state and local levels, that it is possible to convince communities to focus together on the work they are charged to do rather than standing at attention for parochial interests.

This is likely what convinced him to remove himself from political party affiliation.

We all need to take a look at the awesome resume Randy has built over the years — broad business, community, and military roles — all in leadership positions, and all in many diverse roles that plainly demonstrate his experience.

I think we can, at local levels, make our country work, in spite of the chaos at our national levels.

Let’s do our part here in this county to show we know what real leadership is — separate from party control.

Join the veterans like Randy and me who know how discipline makes a leader.

Vote for an independent who will make a great difference — Randy Johnson.

Willard Naslund,

Port Angeles