LETTER: Death penalty is reserved for those who deserve it

I look at my own death with mixed emotions.

I would love to live an extremely long life, health permitting, but what if I had to choose my demise?

Option 1 would be passing in my sleep.

Option 2 would be fighting for my country

Unthinkable Option 3 would be knowing that I would die on a set day, at a set time, and have no control.

Option 3 is reserved for those who deserve it.

I can see no more fitting end for the animal [Clark Richard Elmore] who raped and murdered a young girl years ago.

Instead, our governor has decided that this animal should live with room and board, free medical, television, library and legal help, and we are paying for it.

Something wrong here?

Our state legal system gave this person the death sentence after he had a fair trial.

His guilt is not in question, but the governor’s decision is.

Sid C. Gerling,


EDITOR’S NOTE: Gov. Jay Inslee recently signed a reprieve for Clark Richard Elmore, whose execution had been scheduled for Jan. 19.

Elmore was convicted of raping and murdering his girlfriend’s 14-year-old daughter in Bellingham in 1995.

In 2014, Inslee set a moratorium on state executions.