LETTER: Danger to democracy

The article about the association of the Sequim mayor with QAnon makes me extremely nervous.

He says that his personal beliefs should not be ascribed or associated with his work as a public servant.

But once you enter the public arena as a public servant, your actions, comments and personal beliefs can and should define you to the voting public.

It’s one thing to keep your personal faith private.

But social media sites like Facebook aren’t private; they are designed to allow others to hear your voice.

Any public servant who allows conspiracy theory, false information, lies or violence, to be given credence, or “a pass,” should suffer the consequences of public shaming, outrage and disgust.

Any public servant who supports any of these actions is not fit for public service.

Our constitution allows that your beliefs are yours until they infringe on someone else’s beliefs.

Groups like QAnon should be censured, and public servants supporting them should lose their jobs.

The kind of violent conspiracy QAnon promotes is a danger to democracy.

G.M. Demombynes

Port Townsend

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