LETTER: Crafty conservatives infiltrated Democrats’ campaign

Looks like a coterie of cunning conservatives infiltrated the Democratic Party and covertly created a liberal message so far to the left that it may well be impossible for most independents — and many Democrats — to vote against President Donald Trump.

Pretty darn slick if you ask me.

For instance, this clandestine committee craftily coerced candidates Warren and Sanders to advocate for the elimination of private health insurance in favor of Medicare For All, even though recent polls reflect that almost 90 percent of registered voters do not wish to abolish private health programs.

You go, guys.

And then these cagey confederates conned candidates competing in the second debate into supporting decriminalizing illegal border crossings which, of course, is not in keeping with the vast majority of Americans – including most democrats – who do not favor so-called open borders.

I wonder how they did it?


Put something in their water?

Bribe them?

Lastly, they calculatingly convinced Sanders, Warren, and Harris of the “existential threat of climate change” thereby causing them to demand expensive and devastating changes to our lifestyle despite that, to many, global warming is highly overrated with whole climate issue ranking near the bottom of voter concerns and well below the economy, immigration, women’s issues, gun policy, and Russian election tampering.

Those canny conservatives strike again…

In fact, having coaxed such extreme positions from these lefty-liberal contenders, they may have managed to make Joe Biden look like a rational and reasonable candidate.

Which took some doing.

Dick Pilling,

Port Angeles