LETTER: Cost of Elwha dams’ removal keeps ratcheting up

Costs of dams

It would seem that the Peninsula Daily News might do a follow up series on the Elwha dams removal project that would be of local interest to their readers, especially with its latest news concerning the recent transfer of the costly Elwha water facilities treatment plant.

I have denounced the wisdom of the dams’ removal in past letters, and openly declaring the overall projection costs will be greatly understated due to the reclamation figures, and future problems that will occur within our national park roadways, campgrounds, etc., the bridges; and eventually the treatment facilities; and even the Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe area, and having accumulated many various costs related to the dams’ removal – such as the nursery rehabilitation costs, damages within the Olympic National Park, the bridge on U.S. Highway 101; the faulty treatment facility for the residents of Port Angeles, etc. I found the original cost for that infamous Elwha River restoration was $325 million.

But digging back through many PDN dam articles I calculated $344 million of various connected costs involved with the Elwha River’s restoration project, and now a recent local article tells of adding another $6.65M for additional mis-adventures by the people who promoted it to save and increase the salmon population.

Yeah, right. And, where are all the salmon now to feed the sick and dying orcas in our local waters?

Maybe that’s why our city utility water costs have gone thru the roof these past few years — even if we don’t flush on every trip to the bathroom.

Paul Lamoureux,

Port Angeles