LETTER: Congress needs to worry more about war with Iran

Democrats and the media obsess unceasingly about President Trump’s unfitness for public office, already common knowledge.

They neglect adequate consideration of much more important matters.

A potential war with Iran may be the most urgent.

On May 17, U.S. Rep. Derek Kilmer along with 100 other members of the House wrote to President Donald Trump, urging him to reduce tensions to avoid war with Iran.

Their concern was the threat to our troops, the national debt and our allies, specifically Israel.

Three days later, nearly 400 members of the Senate and the House, including Kilmer, sent a very different letter to the president.

It advocated increased tensions by recommending greater pressure on Iran and Russia and further strengthening Israel militarily.

Congress, the president and the media are completely conflicted between the nation’s interest in peace and the war interests of major election financiers and lobbyists.

It is this same conflict of interest that undermines America’s democracy, not Russia or anyone else.

The U.S. has bungled the matter so thoroughly that Israel threatens to join the fighting in a US-Iran war only if Israel itself is attacked by Iran or its proxies.

In addition, our ally Iraq threatens to remain neutral or support Iran.

Congress can’t just remind the president that constitutionally Congress is responsible for declaring war.

Congress must enact appropriate law so that if any president starts a war without legal cause, the paramount war crime, he would be prosecuted for it.

If appropriate, he would be turned over to the International Criminal Court for formal war crimes prosecution.

Malcolm D. McPhee,