LETTER: Congress must act before Trump leads us into war

We are moving into deeper crisis with North Korea, and I’m concerned that our administration is poorly prepared to handle it.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is saber-rattling now because he knows we have an easily manipulated, weak president.

North Korea does not want to attack the United States.

Kim is not stupid or suicidal.

He wants the threat of nuclear attack to block us from defending South Korea.

I think Trump desperately needs a catalyzing event like 9/11 to save his failing presidency.

The threat of an imminent attack by North Korea is just what he needs.

His foolish, unconsidered and impractical threats degrade our credibility and stature in the world.

Our degraded credibility is in line with North Korean and Chinese goals of a weakened U.S. regional presence.

Trump’s surrender to China of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and thus our influence in the region has greatly encouraged them, according to news reports.

Something decisive must be done soon, possibly even including military action.

But it is desperately important for our nation and the world that we have effective leadership during such perilous times.

Trump’s irresponsible tweets, creative relationship with facts, constant flip-flops and unapologetic use of “fake news” make his leadership unstable and impotent.

An impeachment will take a very long time.

Trump could have a impulsive tantrum and flick a couple of nukes at North Korea just because Kim annoys him some day.

Congress must act to disempower him on international matters before he mismanages North Korean provocations into a world war.

Roger Slagle,