LETTER: Close camping

We’re too close to take unnecessary chances now.

I own and operate Sequim Valley Ranch, a large multi-operational ranch east of Sequim.

Ninety percent of the rural towns in the United States are situated on a highway between one populated area and another; Peninsula towns uniquely are not.

Therefore other rural towns get high and continuous traffic; we do not.

I am proud of my neighbors in Peninsula towns who, despite conflicting and even false messages from the federal government over last year, nevertheless followed real doctors’ orders and took the sensible precautions people need to take in a pandemic.

As a result, we have been in Phase 3 as long as any county in the state.

As the vaccination rate increases, we stand to bring the pandemic down to a minimal level this summer.

Last year, Memorial Day was the largest outbreak of the virus after the April shutdown.

States opened up prematurely and engaged in close proximity, resulting in outbreaks.

This year we should not make the same mistake twice.

Tell Clallam County Health Officer Dr. Allison Berry to recommend that Olympic National Park close overnight camping during that weekend as proposed last year but not done.

We’re all familiar with the large surge of traffic on Memorial Day weekend, when they have a destination, namely the park, to go to.

Let’s not bring a surge of people from counties that have had to go back to Phase 2 because of their rising infection rate.

Lets make a small sacrifice this year to get us to the finish line.

Steve Clapp