LETTER: Clinton a status quo kind of candidate

It’s time to realize that America is in crisis and there’s no middle ground for indecision.

Despite the mainstream press being in the tank for Hillary, they can’t get her positives above 35 percent or Trump’s negatives above 65 percent.

About one-third of American voters are so committed to the Democratic Party, they’d vote for the devil if she were running on the ticket.

Meanwhile, another third of Americans are so committed to freedom and the ideas of the Constitution, they’ll vote for anyone who seems to agree with them, no matter how clumsy they are in saying it.

This is consistent with our history.

About one-third of the colonists were in favor of England despite what was going on in their own neighborhoods, and one-third were in favor of the revolution based on the same facts.

Meanwhile, the last third were wandering in the wilderness, saying, “Whatever, just leave me alone.”

At this point, you either realize America is in crisis or you don’t.

So, if Hillary gets in, the ship of state will get the deck chairs rearranged, but the hole in the bow will be ignored.

That’s because she and her friends have control of the lifeboats.

Why should they worry?

Meanwhile, she and her friends will travel in a bubble of protection, up to and including bomb-sniffing dogs, while the rest of us will be told to ignore the explosions and act like everything is normal or the terrorists win.

And as the middle class shrinks and the poor multiply, she and her crowd will see that as a growing voter base.

Mike Keegan,

Port Angeles