LETTER: Clinic will bring unintended consequences to Sequim

The proposed medication-assisted treatment facility, built and operated by the Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe, will dispense daily doses of methadone, suboxone and vivitrol to addicts.

I am not questioning the tribe’s good intentions, but please consider unintended consequences.

If you build it, they will come.

Addicts, related felons, homeless and more will move to Sequim to get daily doses.

Are we inviting Seattle’s problems to Sequim?

The tribe does not intend to bus Seattle’s addicts to Sequim; they won’t have to.

My family moved to Sequim to escape the consequences of methadone distribution centers in our hometown.

Proof of good intentions gone horribly wrong.

It did not take long for our city parks to be littered with needles and drug dealers.

Our library, senior center, streets and parking lots were next.

The beautiful town where I was raised, and raised my children, became unsafe and sad.

Good people want to help — we all agree at least on that point.

The objection is to the location and the unintended consequences of the MAT facility being located in Sequim.

Colleen Rayburn,