LETTER: Clallam Economic Development Corp. has transformed the shape of the county

It’s a hidden gem within a complex of positive actions, hardline naysayers, unsung accomplishments and now sound local support, all rolled up into one organization: the new Clallam County Economic Development Corp., developed by Executive Director Bill Greenwood, Jennifer Linde and Amy McDonald, who teamed up to resurrect the previous county Economic Development Council.

Bill walked into an empty office space in 2014 left with little equipment, minimal records of past business dealings and no direction to pursue.

So a little history here for all interested readers to get better acquainted of what has transpired since Bill offered to resurrect the EDC and bring his business expertise into play to form an organization that truly would — and is — transforming the direction and goals of the new EDC.

It is representing and supporting our local businesses in working to grow the county, its population, its businesses and its employment through outreach from and to the area with counseling, education, financial-avenue availability, taxation advice, grant assistance and business information on future possibilities for all the local communities and businesses.

The new EDC is a Clallam County business assister.

The new EDC is a “CCBA.”

Here are some numbers that your EDC is extremely proud to share with the public:

Private-sector membership in 2014 was 25 to 30.

Membership of county businesses in 2016 is now 140.

The EDC’s absolutely excellent website is www.clallam.org — and I invite you to enjoy what they are doing for our county.

According to advertisements that have appeared in the Peninsula Daily News, Greenwood has espoused the belief that reputation is the product of performance and that the EDC members are the economic engine of Clallam County.

This is my personal thank-you to the new EDC team.

Paul Lamoureux,

Port Angeles

EDITOR’S NOTE: Randy Johnson, EDC chairman, announced in November that Bill Greenwood would retire Dec. 31.