LETTER: Citizens group found a way to save, expand Port Angeles pool district

The city operated the district until 2009. Why was it going to shut it down before?

Interesting article in the Oct. 11 PDN [“Clallam Mulls Land Deal”] concerning the William Shore Memorial Pool District’s proposal to acquire (by tradeoffs) the adjacent Horizon Center property in order to expand the pool district’s facility.

The city operated the pool from 1962 to 2009 and was going to close it down for lack of what?

So a citizens group formed an organization in 2010 – and doubled the pool attendance and increased participation, interest, support and reserves, and now is preparing to expand and increase services.

Kinda makes one wonder what the city’s problems were to entertain their plan to just “shut’r down” and walk away, doesn’t it?

Wow, now, as County Commissioner Mike Chapman said in the article, a “signature building on Lincoln Street” is being planned — right next door to City Hall — by a citizens group.

Good job, pool district officials, members, citizens.

Thank you for your futuristic thinking, planning and executing in the upcoming years.

Paul Lamoureux,

Port Angeles