LETTER: Citizens deserve responses to questions about MAT clinic

We deserve better

At the Sept. 9 Sequim City Council meeting, I observed Sequim’s city attorney exerting more pressure on the City Council to eliminate/restrict communication between council members and citizens regarding what may be quasi-judicial questions.

She is trying to persuade the council to enhance the hearing examiner function in order to create a communication wall between council members and concerned citizens wanting to discuss their concerns on existing law, ordinance, etc.

This influence the city attorney has exerted over the City Council became evident when the Save Our Sequim group started discussing concerns about the proposed medication treatment center.

These citizens are very concerned about the direction our community may be taking.

Council was asked what could be done to prevent this action.

One councilman finally stated they could not respond to the question because it related to a possible quasi-judicial issue.

No response is unacceptable.

Sequim citizens deserve better than to have bureaucratic walls between the voters and their City Council.

City Council should work with citizens to address concerns.

Council members who don’t agree need to be replaced.

The city attorney needs to be replaced with one who encourages communication between elected officials and citizens on all issues.

Richard L. Porter,