LETTER: Cheri Van Hoover understands the needs of the community

As a retired nurse and a health care system user, I understand the importance of an effective hospital commissioner who’s responsible to serve the community — not the hospital itself, but the public who utilizes all health services provided within its district.

An administrator relies on a commission whose scope is large and can see the big picture of all the services currently provided and/or lacking within a community.

This includes decisions regarding our infrastructure meeting the needs of our growing population.

Cheri Van Hoover has that larger vision to set appropriate policy, guide management and serve our expanding community.

She understands the necessity of our district commissioners to set policy that demonstrates an ongoing commitment to women’s health concerns (including maternal care), the pressing mental health and substance abuse issues of our community, the palliative care and end-of-life needs of our elder population, and the right to complete, affordable health care for all our citizens.

Without that all-inclusive experience, a commissioner can lose focus on the needs of a community.

I believe her understanding, clear insight and priorities for our community are derived from her ability to listen to the concerns of those she meets and set the appropriate financial goals to get results we need specific to our district.

Cheri has the knowledge, energy, compassion and extensive, well-rounded experience this important position requires.

Please join me in voting for Cheri Van Hoover for our hospital commissioner.

Connie Ross,

Port Townsend