LETTER: Cheers Court

The recent decision to overturn Roe v. Wade reveals a lot about the American thought process.

In the recent article, it was said the Supreme Court wasn’t reflecting the will of the majority.

News flash, that’s not their job.

They represent the Constitution.

There is a reason for that.

Otherwise all our rights would be subject to erosion by the will of the current majority.

The funny thing is many of the same people in favor of Roe v. Wade would be in favor of the new red flag laws which are unconstitutional and erode our rights.

If our Supreme Court does their job correctly, when the new gun control laws come before them, they will be struck down for denying citizens their due process rights that are guaranteed in our Constitution.

This is the job of our Supreme Court, to weigh cases that come before them against our Constitution, Bill of Rights and precedent.

Roe v. Wade was bad precedent, constitutionally speaking, and as such needed to be overturned.

Kudos to six of our justices that understand their jobs.

Mark White

Port Angeles