LETTER: Capital levy proposal thoroughly planned in Port Angeles

I am writing in support of the Port Angeles School District’s capital levy to be voted on Tuesday, Feb. 13.

Lately, I have been thinking about how important leadership is in all that we do.

The more challenging the task, the more need for strong leadership.

Our school district is fortunate enough to have great leadership with a dedicated school board and administration as well as many community members who have been involved in facilities planning for at least the past decade.

This planning has been thorough in addressing current and future needs and has been responsive to public input and changing mandates.

I was pleased to see, also, strong leadership demonstrated by our City Council as they received public input and then voted unanimously for a resolution endorsing this capital levy.

The challenge in substantial: aging facilities, funding costs and choices as to how best to support our children’s education.

Cost is a concern.

For those among us most vulnerable to a new tax assessment, there are specific exemption criteria available through the Clallam County Assessor’s Office.

Also cost must be measured not only by the tax involved, but by the impact of not planning, updating and strengthening our schools as that affects our economy and our potential as a viable community.

Roger M. Oakes,

Port Angeles