LETTER: Cannabis grows

I would like to thank the Jefferson County Commissioners for voting to finally deal next year with the issue of not allowing cannabis factories to wreck rural residential-zoned neighborhoods.

Jefferson County needs to shore up this loophole that threatens our homes and neighborhoods.

Doing so is not anti-business at all.

Prohibiting cannabis factories from rural residential-zoned neighborhoods leaves a whopping 75 percent of land available for these ventures.

A cannabis factory in a proper location does not require tens of thousands of dollars in stench control systems that tend to fail anyway.

And, growers avoid spending a fortune on lawyers when they are sued by neighboring homeowners.

Common sense zoning saves money and encourages successful business practices.

The only opposition to fixing this loophole comes from the Jefferson County Department of Community Development.

Cannabis factories must be a great cash cow, no matter the impact on the quiet enjoyment of our homes.

This points to the problem with financing the government with user fees, the more red tape, the more profit to be made.

I would like to see the role of user fees in government examined as well. It can lead to graft.

I hope that our elected officials will listen to the massive outcry from their constituents for a remedy, and finally prohibit cannabis factories from rural residential properties.

Bonnie Story


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