LETTER: Biden to blame

What is the point of the front-page article on gas prices in the Sunday, March 6 PDN when everyone knows gas prices are up.

This article was more propaganda than news, basically quoting the opinion of one person, an AAA Washington representative.

The propaganda started with part of the headline deceptively claiming that possible factors were global markets and truck driver shortages, while ignoring the fact that state and federal government actions were the primary cause.

What about President Biden’s actions that caused the U.S. to no longer be energy independent, self sufficient and an exporter of fuels?

Biden stopped oil pipeline construction activity, as well as, adding regulations that stifle production and distribution.

He stopped use of existing oil field leases and prevented more leases, greatly adding to the problem.

What about Biden and Inslee’s rigid COVID-19 mandates that caused many truckers, as well as others, to lose their jobs?

Another piece of deception was in presenting information on the International Energy Agency calling for release of 80 million barrels of oil from their 31 nation group, as if that would help.

Even if all of that oil went to the U.S., it is less than a five day supply.

It is time to get the people in office to really care about doing what is best for our citizens.

Gene Farr

Port Townsend