LETTER: Better for Sequim to safe than sorry

Comparing the protest against big-box stores establishing themselves in Sequim to a large proposed regional MAT facility to be built in Sequim, in my opinion, is like comparing apples to nuts. (“Sequim was wrong about stores, is wrong about MAT,” PDN, Sept. 8).

The one thing the two businesses do have in common though is they will make millions.

Have we seen an increase in addicts, crime, begging and homeless camps due to a big-box store being built in town?

Come on people, look around at Seattle, Olympia, Kent and Tacoma and what’s become of some really beautiful cities.

Go talk with hardworking families who have had their homes burglarized or tour a filthy rodent-infested homeless encampment and face the facts that our taxes will rise and our property values will fall.

Last but not least, open your mind and read the documented evidence compiled by Save Our Sequim that’s based on the most recent statistics available what happens when towns are invaded by addicts.

Better to be safe than sorry.

Tony Brock,


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