LETTER: Be wary of phone scams, political promises

Scams are on the rise, especially this time of the year.

Do not answer unknown telephone numbers who leave no message or callers leaving messages such as your Social Security benefits will stop unless you call back, or threatening messages that an automatic $299 withdrawal fee from your account will take place if you don’t press 1 or call a number back and press 1.

Banks are aware of such scams.

Since our senior citizens are most vulnerable to such scams, let’s not forget the liberals’ political desire is to do away with our earned Social Security benefits, while giving 100 percent full benefits to all illegal aliens, unearned.

Someone apparently missed math along the way to political occupations.

Too many of our young voters are all for the liberals’ promises of “everything for free, for all.”

Such unrealistic promises are encouraging our young people to feel entitled without earning anything, and demanding free entitlements.

Parents and grandparents are taking notice of such family members with the belief of being entitled without earning a successful life, such as they worked for.

Wills are being changed to disinherit such young relatives and a wake-up call is in the making.

Such hard-earned money can go to those who have actually earned extra help by keeping us safe and protecting our freedoms, such as our military, veterans and law enforcement.

Freedom is not free.

Shirley Berg,


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