LETTER: Backs Rogers

Would you elect a candidate for an office with a personal financial interest in the decisions of that office?

Most people would say, “No, that’s a conflict of interest.”

It’s why such people are often required to divest themselves of their financial interests before taking office.

Karen Roger’s opponent, Heather Jeffers, is administrator of Avamere Olympic Rehabilitation of Sequim, which accepts patients directly from Olympic Medical Center (OMC), receiving substantial revenue based on cost of care per day from Medicare guidelines.

Do your own research to find out how much that is; you’ll be shocked by the figure.

This is the very definition of conflict of interest.

In some circumstances, thi is prohibited by law.

Whether or not it is in this case, it ought to be.

Karen Rogers has no such conflict of interest.

Moreover, her broad experience in local government and business management in general gives her a systemic view much better suited to oversight of a public trust like OMC and representing we the patients, not corporate interests.

Most of all, her integrity and intent are unquestionable, given her long history of public service and volunteer work and many community needs.

Do you want to be sure that OMC board decisions reflect solely the public interest?

Karen Rogers is the better candidate.

Join me in voting Karen Rogers for Hospital District 2 commissioner.

Bill Dettmer

Port Angeles