LETTER: As a Democrat, I feel never refuted nor repudiated

I see that county GOP chair Dick Piling claims (PDN; 11/10/16) that the election was “… a refutation [I think he meant “repudiation”] of the entire Democrat agenda and party.”

Well, a week later, the votes are pretty much all counted and 1) Hillary Clinton is over a million popular votes ahead of Trump and pulling away, 2) the Democrats took two U.S. Senate seats previously held by the GOP while Republicans took no formerly blue seats and 3) Democrats gained a net of seven additional seats in the House.

Here in Clallam County, Democrats Sen. Patty Murray and Rep. Derek Kilmer won comfortable majorities on their way to re-election and a majority of county voters supported all three Democratic candidates for the state Legislature.

Finally, Initiative 1433, raising the state minimum wage — a signature Democratic issue if there ever was one — also won a clear majority of county voters.

Pardon me if, as a Democrat, I feel neither refuted nor repudiated.

Marc Sullivan,