LETTER: Are you really OK with a Trump-Putin bromance?

The Russian dictators’ actions are both deplorable and highly foreboding of Trump’s leadership if elected.

In the first presidential debate, Donald Trump repeatedly made a sniffing noise.

We all saw and heard him do it.

The next day, he denied sniffing, blaming the microphone.

During the vice-presidential debate, Tim Kaine constantly interrupted Pence, reciting Trump’s egregious statements accurately.

Pence shook his head repeatedly and mouthed no and said he didn’t say that.

Trump did make those statements, and we have seen them over and over.

Is up now down?

These are the same people who berate Hillary Clinton’s honesty religiously but Trump’s constant in-your-face I-didn’t-sniffle lies are OK?

I have watched Trump lie at his rallies and attendees cheer loudly.

Can they tell a lie from the truth anymore?

Trump has praised Putin repeatedly.

His ex-campaign manager and adviser had been working over there for Russia and Ukraine.

Trump’s only change to the Republican National Committee platform was by changing a plank favoring Russia over Ukraine by removing a provision for the U.S. to provide Ukraine with “lethal defensive weapons” and replacing it with providing “appropriate assistance.”

David Duke and white supremacy groups support Trump openly, as do unaffiliated racists.

Talk about the big RNC tent: Trump has let Putin and the white supremacists (Nazis) inside.

Unbelievably, staunch conservatives who spent many generations fighting communism and berating progressives calling them communists as the ultimate insult are OK with the Putin-Trump “bromance.”

Trump and Pence both praise Dictator Putin’s “strong leadership.”

Putin has allegedly killed off Russia’s press and shot and poisoned the opposition.

You can believe Trump on this: He will certainly follow his murderous hero, Putin, and do the same in America.

Are you OK with that?

Samuel P. Woods,