LETTER: Applaud teachers

One of the articles in the Dec. 13 issue of People magazine focused on acknowledging and applauding some of America’s teachers for their work.

I am in the elementary schools in Port Angeles on a regular basis and realized that our teachers need some public recognition, too.

Every one of them has a story that is worthy of publication.

I have been amazed, awed, appreciative and actually blown away by what these teachers are accomplishing with their students during these extremely trying times.

The halls of the buildings and the individual classrooms are full of displays of the children’s accomplishments.

The atmospheres in these schools reflect purpose, engagement, meaningful tasks, support of individual differences, joy and laughter.

I come away from my visits full of gratitude and appreciation for these amazing, committed teachers.

We cannot take their efforts for granted.

If you haven’t made a phone call, written a note or thanked a teacher in person recently, you need to do that, today.

Darlene Clemens

Port Angeles

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