LETTER: Anger at unvaccinated

I am continually astonished and angered by people who, despite all evidence to the contrary, refuse to be vaccinated and bristle at the threat that it should be required for the safety of their fellow citizens.

We live in a nation of laws that keep us all safer; we are required to have a license to drive, we have speed limits, traffic signs and signals, and a hundred other requirements that keep our society from descending into chaos and anarchy.

Anyone with a speck of concern for their fellow citizens should gladly get on board and help their fellow men and women get through this COVID crisis ASAP.

I agree with a recent writer who cited the survival of the fittest principle, but it’s often the case that innocent people die because some obstinate person refuses to get vaccinated.

I’m not complaining about the tiny fraction of people who must not be vaccinated for medical reasons.

Warren E. Barrett

Port Angeles