LETTER: ‘Angel,’ friend showed me how kind, generous community is

On Monday, March 20, I was stepping up into a local fast-food restaurant when I heard and felt a snap-pop in my left leg.

The pain was excruciating, and I took a few moments to recover before hobbling into the business.

I called my good friend Betty, who works nearby, to come and rescue me.

As she moved my car closer to the building, I hobbled my way to the door.

That’s when a burly young man named Daniel offered me his assistance.

His dark hair and thick beard reminded me of my husband when we were married 41 years ago.

Daniel was an angel from heaven, as far as I’m concerned.

He was so kind and patient, and assured me that he would not let me fall.

I am so thankful for Daniel and my friend Betty.

This situation reminded me that our community is made up of caring, giving, generous people.

I have been feeling quite discouraged lately, and Daniel’s act of kindness was a bright spot in my day.

I will definitely “pay it forward.”

Linda Flotto,

Port Angeles