LETTER: An elitist

Jefferson County Commissioner Greg Brotherton is a elitist.

During a Zoom meeting on Monday, June 14, Brotherton said commissioners Kate Dean and Heidi Eisenhour were living in ivory towers.

He further insulted the neighbors of the horse park by claiming they have used this park as their own private park for years.

I guess the county horse park is not really a horse park.

Under Brotherton’s promise to the fairgrounds neighbors he wants to banish the homeless to a park where there is no water, sewer, electricity, nor garbage service.

Along the way he did promise to spend $80,000 of money out of the general fund to bring services to 38 homeless people if the other two commissioners vote yes on his proposal.

I guess those 38 people with exclusive use of the horse park are next in line to be insulted because they now have an exclusive campground paid for by taxpayer money.

Tony Kastella

Port Townsend

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