LETTER: America’s demise

Warning, our county is in danger.

We have seen the collapse of Afghanistan.

Will this happen to our country?

How did you vote?

Did you vote?

Are you pleased with what is happening in Washington, DC?

Where is the leadership?

We have people in Congress who have become wealthy.

Did they earn that money?

Are they benefiting from insider trading?

Do we hold them responsible for their failures?

Stop allowing them to vote themselves benefits rarely seen in the working world.

New laws are infringing on our constitutional rights.

Did these rules improve the lives of the average citizen?

Will they be judged unconstitutional?

Our children’s education is failing.

Our government has burdened future generations with tremendous debt.

We have mandates rather than law.

International conflicts are a threat.

There are regulations and rules that take from the productive worker and reward the indolent.

Venezuela and Afghanistan collapsed due to dictatorial leadership.

Are we moving in that direction?

We need to change our education system, our moral code, and teach honesty, self-sufficiency, savings and charity.

Put people back to work.

We have been teaching failed political beliefs, recreational drug use, racial discrimination, dishonesty and sloth.

Hold our Congress accountable.

Electronic games dominate our children’s lives rather than the inquisitiveness of reading and invention. Equality has become the redistribution of wealth from the productive to the unproductive.

I am asking what you want for your children; a vibrant America or a copy of Afghanistan?

Sheldon McGuire


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