LETTER: Already have high success rate with MAT in area

So much of the anti-medication assisted treatment rhetoric is not based on facts.

One fallacy often repeated is that medication assisted treatment is not successful for opioid use disorder and we don’t need it in our community.

On the contrary, these services are already here and being used by our fellow residents.

At an Aug. 27 meeting, Brent Simcosky, health director at Jamestown Medical Center, stated “The Jamestown Clinic has had four years of experience with opioid addiction and Suboxone with an 80 percent success rate for 100-plus Jamestown patients and no instances of criminal activity associated with the clients.”

The proposed MAT clinic is an extension of services already being provided.

Why would a community with a documented high use of opioids want to deny their neighbors this successful medical treatment?

Kimberly Gonzales,


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