LETTER: Agrees with Hansen

Paul Hansen’s March 14 opinion piece perfectly stated the case for an emergency measure of a proposed capital gains tax, Senate Bill 5096, to affect only a small percentage that are the richest among us, not the rest of us in the working poor class, formerly the middle class.

The purpose of taxation of the rich should be based upon fairness, and this proposed legislation is fair.

For 40 years, the richest among us have had a massive tax windfall of profit at the expense of everyone else.

A capital gains tax is one right way to rectify that inequity.

Small family farms have always been important, and nowadays it is even more important to make sure they survive the economic onslaught that has befallen all of us.

Paul and Deb’s small family farm in Sequim is a valuable asset in our region.

They produce the highest quality lamb that this old butcher has ever had the pleasure of dining upon.

I keep my freezer stocked with delicious-tasting lamb from their farm and I love it.

James Loran

Port Angeles