LETTER: Admirable convictions

As the local elections commence, selecting the best candidates to fill the various positions is essential for Port Angeles’ future.

The current council members should be re-elected because of their ethical convictions:

• Ending the COVID-19 pandemic by promoting mask wearing and vaccinations.

• Appreciating the expertise of medical and scientific professionals such as Dr. Allison Berry, our doctors, nurses and staff.

• Searching for humane hand-up ways to help our homeless overcome their difficulties, such as building affordable housing.

• Assisting the police department and Rediscovery Program to build community policing priorities, save money and instill a sense of safety in our community free from intimidation and threats by zealots and bigots.

• Working for factual, reality-based solutions.

• Focusing on goals for the betterment of all who call Port Angeles home and the enjoyment of those who visit our beautiful location.

Our incumbent city council members deal with complex, uncomfortable local issues seriously.

They are smart, caring visionaries with practical, long-range planning goals.

Vote for them.

Help Port Angeles continue to move into the future with zest, good will and prosperity.

Gayle Brauner

Port Angeles

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