LETTER: Action needed to abate U.S. Highway 101-Happy Valley Road bottleneck

After waiting a considerable length of time for oncoming traffic and backing up a long line of traffic behind me, I made a stupid left turn from westbound U.S. Highway 101 onto Happy Valley Road.

I know it was stupid because my wife told me so.

I really did not have proper distance from oncoming traffic when I made my turn.

However, traffic was very heavy, and I had been waiting a long time to turn — I know, not a good excuse.

Safety should mandate a dedicated left-turn lane for westbound traffic and a right turn lane for eastbound traffic from Highway 101 to Happy Valley Road.

This action is seriously needed now, not after someone gets killed.

Tax dollars are not properly allocated.

Seems if a project does not enhance tourism — which, by the way, seems to be doing well, judging from the foreign license plates and traffic — the project is put on the back burner.

Don Jenkins,