LETTER: Abortion not easy question, even for liberal progressive

I’m a liberal progressive Democratic Christian. I am an American.

I also have conservative values (ladies, please dress modestly).

I’d call my values sensible, insightful and patient.

I’m hetero.

I find that relating to the LGBT community, as an outsider looking in, is wondering why they are the way they are.

But seeing what they go through to just be themselves, physical and emotional abuse, even murder, I’ll stand with them, for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

I’m pro-life and pro-choice.

Abortion is a complex issue and no one — no one — that I know of, thinks abortion is a non-emotional situation.

Perhaps we can go to the Bible to look for guidance, such as Numbers 5:11-31, or consider the eradication of people by the ancient Israelis — men, women, children and, yes, even babies.

And at what point do we interfere with the sovereignty of someone’s own body?

Don’t get me wrong, I hate to see abortion — especially abortion of convenience, but it’s not a black or white situation.

I’m a spiritual person. When I go to church I like to sing to “Jesus is Just Alright” and “Spirit in the Sky” and I am an American.

Jeff Shamp,

Port Angeles