LETTER: Abdicated responsibility

By voting to oppose public health mandates, Sequim Mayor William Armacost and council members Keith Larkin, Sarah Kincaid and Mike Pence have abdicated their civic responsibility.

They seem to think it is their constitutional right to endanger the majority of citizens they represent.

That Larkin would even bring this issue to council knowing the resolution has no power indicates he is more interested in self-promotion than supporting businesses and leading residents through difficult times.

Armacost, Larkin, Kincaid and Pence are hiding their cowardice behind a warped interpretation of a constitutional democracy.

This isn’t about taking rights away from anybody, this is about managing fear and panic during a public health crisis.

I can’t help but see a direct line from the council vote to the frightened self-righteous now harassing businesses to join the resistance.

Does this make business easier to operate?

Does this make a customer feel safe?

You have weakened the business climate and undermined our confidence by engaging the fears of a minority of people.

You have failed to lead when your citizens needed you most.

Merina Chase

Port Angeles

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