LETTER: A vote for Danille Turissini is a vote for the people

The state Senate candidate is running for you, not against her opponent.

I am excited and delighted that Danille Turissini is running for state Senate.

She says she is running for the people, not against her opponent, Kevin Van De Wege.

That tells me she thinks differently than other candidates and is focused on the task at hand, representing you.

She is running as an independent GOP candidate.

This will relieve her from the pressure of party bosses and special interests.

She wants to represent the people of the 24th Legislative District, meaning everyone in the district.

She is running for you and me, not herself.

I met Danille several years ago when I took a class in Port Angeles and one in Olympia on how to work with legislators of both parties.

One of the things I learned from those courses is that she is intimately acquainted with the legislative process.

Instead of imposing her own will, she brings people together to hammer out agreements.

She understand compromise is preferable to stalemate and that bridges work better than barriers.

Danille has worked as chief strategist for 4th Branch Strategies, an organization she founded and owns that helps communities improve relationships and that builds consensus-achieving goals through authentic, common-sense, time-honored yet mostly forgotten golden rules of personal and public engagement.

What I admire most about Danille is her integrity.

She speaks the truth.

She does not flip-flop on issues to please an audience.

Check her out on www.danilleforsenate.com and LinkedIn, where there is another profile.

Charney Trudel,

Port Angeles