I-1631 an investment in our future

As a Port Angeles homeowner and participant in the Port Angeles Business Association-sponsored carbon fee debate, I must respond to your Oct. 17 front page story (“Pro, con debate on carbon fee: Port Angeles forum airs views on ballot initiative,” PDN).

I represent 370,000 signers of this citizen-driven initiative, hundreds of whose signatures I collected here, who want urgent action against potentially disastrous impacts of climate change on our community.

The Washington Policy Center, where the opposition speaker Todd Meyers works, has been described by SourceWatch as “a think tank affiliated with organizations in the Koch Network.”

It’s no wonder that much of his prognostication contained errors and fear-mongering.

Big Oil has spent more than $21 million in its campaign to discredit I-1631, including two recent slick mailers sent to local residents.

Meanwhile, Big Oil continues to raise the cost of gas, by 39 cents a gallon since a year ago, and we consumers pay more for their profits while getting nothing back but more heat-trapping pollution and rising global temperatures.

A carbon fee will make big polluters assume some responsibility for the threat they’re posing.

Revenues will allow our communities to invest in clean energy, including affordable efficiency upgrades for homes and businesses, green public transit and fleet vehicles, more affordable electric cars and rural broadband so more people have the option to drive less.

As climate change continues to impact our Peninsula, revenues will be used to ensure our forests are more resilient to disease and fire, and to reduce risks from flood and drought.

I-1631 is a great opportunity to improve both our environment and economy long into the future.

Diane Lombardo,

Port Angeles