Jefferson County man arrested after alleged assault with airplane

Kitsap Daily News

SILVERDALE — A 56-year-old Port Ludlow man was arrested after allegedly driving a small airplane at a group of people near Apex Airpark in Silverdale, according to the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office.

Jeffrey Wilfred S. Dorsey was arrested for investigation of second-degree assault Thursday with bail set at $200,000. He was released from the Kitsap County jail the same day.

According to the incident report, a man teaching his students at the Motorcycle Safety Foundation course told deputies that he observed Dorsey drive up to the course and honk his horn loudly. The man said he was “loud, obnoxious and intoxicated” and that Dorsey said: “You guys are running down my property value,”according to the report.

Dorsey then allegedly drove off before coming back a few minutes in a small, white airplane. He drove the airplane down the hill and towards the crowd of students, according to the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office.

The students and the teacher were able to get out of the way but Dorsey then allegedly tried to drive the plane towards them once more, prompting the teacher and students to move out of the way again, deputies said.

The man told deputies that when he saw the blades of the propeller spinning and coming at him, he believed Dorsey was going to hit him with the plane. In fear that Dorsey might come back and try again, the teacher allegedly armed himself with a firearm that was located in his vehicle. The man is authorized to carry a concealed pistol, the report said.

Kitsap County deputies obtained a search warrant for the hanger that Dorsey was believed to be in. After breaking down a door to the building, Dorsey was found laying down on a couch and told authorities he had been sleeping and did not hear them knock, according to the police report.