Forks man pleads not guilty to putting meth in diaper

PORT ANGELES — A Forks man who was accused of putting a bag of methamphetamine in a baby’s diaper during a traffic stop last month has pleaded not guilty to a pair of criminal charges.

Dennis Jason Wayne Fisher, 40, pleaded not guilty Friday to endangerment with a controlled substance and possession of methamphetamine.

A two-day trial is scheduled for Sept. 25 in Clallam County Superior Court.

Forks Police Officer Joseph Solberg initiated the traffic stop June 25 after noticing that a passenger in a car Fisher was driving had an active warrant for her arrest, according to the affidavit for probable cause.

During the traffic stop on Fir Avenue, Solberg noticed a small child in the back screaming and crying “mommy!” while hitting and grabbing at the back seat.

The child’s mother could be heard pounding on the inside of the trunk saying “Let me out!,” according to Solberg’s narrative.

The woman climbed out of the trunk and made arrangements for a friend to pick up her child before she was taken to jail.

“As (the woman) got the baby and was hugging her, (she) asked, ‘What’s in her diaper?’” Solberg wrote.

“Fisher stated, ‘Poop.’ ”

Solberg put on a pair of exam gloves and retrieved a plastic bag containing a golf ball-sized amount of methamphetamine from the baby’s diaper, he said.

Fisher was released from the Clallam County jail on his own recognizance June 27.

In addition to standard conditions of release, he was ordered to have no unsupervised contact with children.