Fight prompts Clallam Bay prison restrictions

CLALLAM BAY — Clallam Bay Corrections Center has gone into “restricted movement” after a physical altercation involving about 20 inmates, a state Department of Corrections spokesman said.

Restricted movement means that visitation is restricted and that prison operations continue in a “much more contained and controlled environment,” DOC spokesman Jeremy Barclay said.

“Instead of a full lockdown, my understating is we went into restricted movement without pulling or canceling all operations,” Barclay said Thursday.

The altercation occurred at about noon Tuesday.

“Verbal commands to cease fighting were not heeded,” Barclay said.

“Pepper spray was discharged. Then it dissipated immediately thereafter.”

No inmates required off-site medical treatment and no prison staff were injured, Barclay said.

Prison staff planned to complete their interviews with inmates today and finish cell searches over the weekend to determine what led to the fight.

“Our hope is by Monday we’ll be fully operational,” Barclay said.