Drugs, guns add up to barrage of bullets on Egg and I Road in Jefferson County

CHIMACUM — A man who shot some 50 to 100 bullets indiscriminately out of a fifth wheel trailer in the 3000 block of Egg and I Road early Sunday morning was taken into custody.

No one was hurt, said Sgt. Brett Anglin of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.

The man is being held for investigation of two gross misdemeanors: discharging a firearm-dangerous weapon and reckless endangerment.

Deputies recovered seven firearms from the trailer after obtaining a search warrant, Anglin said.

Deputies were alerted to the shootings by a neighbor who reported rounds going over his house at 5:50 a.m. Sunday.

Deputies found that the shots were coming out of a nearby fifth wheel trailer. After putting together a plan for approaching the trailer, deputies made contact with the man and took him into custody without incident at about 9:37 a.m.

The man, described as having mental health issues, had told deputies earlier in the day that he was taking methamphetamines, Anglin said.

Possession of illegal drugs is no longer a crime since the state Supreme Court struck down a state law criminalizing possession of controlled substances as unconstitutional.

At that point, he had not committed a crime, Anglin said.

Shooting out of his trailer did constitute a crime, and so the man was taken into custody, Anglin said.

“He is in frequent contact with our navigator but has refused treatment,” Anglin said.