Authorities say man and his dog were shot and injured in Port Ludlow

Reports detail a fight between friends that reportedly ended in shots fired.

PORT LUDLOW — A Port Ludlow man told Jefferson County Sheriff’s detectives he didn’t mean to shoot his friend and his dog with a shotgun Sunday night and only wanted to scare him after the two fought over the weekend, court records say.

Dean Carlson of Port Ludlow is being investigated for second-degree assault with a deadly weapon and first-degree animal cruelty and is scheduled for arraignment in Jefferson County Superior Court on Friday. He was listed on the Jefferson County jail roster Monday with bond set at $25,000.

Gregory Rodvelt, who Carlson told deputies was his old friend he hadn’t seen for 20 years, was airlifted to Harborview Medical Center with a gunshot wound to his right shoulder, according to the probable cause statement.

The dog suffered a gunshot wound also, but is alive, Detective Shane Stevenson said.

Rodvelt requested Harborview not release his medical condition, said Susan Gregg, Harborview’s spokesperson.

Ages for Rodvelt and Carlson were not available. Stevenson said a press release would be issued today.

After the incident, Carlson poured some gin into a Gatorade bottle and waited for law enforcement to arrive, the report says.

A breathalyzer test determined Carlson’s BAC to be .197, the report says.

The fight started Saturday after the two went up to 2510 Forest Service Road to drink and do some shooting, the report says.

Rodvelt became angry that Carlson was driving too slowly and they began to argue. Rodvelt then punched Carlson’s right eye, according to the report.

When they returned back to Carlson’s yurt, a tent-like structure, Carlson told Rodvelt to leave and he went to bed.

When Carlson woke up Sunday afternoon, he saw Rodvelt’s truck was still on his property and told him again to leave, the report says.

Carlson grabbed his single-shell shotgun loaded with a number No. 4 buckshot when Rodvelt returned shortly thereafter, the report says.

Carlson told deputies he fired the shotgun in the general direction of Rodvelt and his dog, saying he just wanted to scare Rodvelt, not shoot him, the report says. Carlson used a 12-gauge shotgun, said Stevenson.

Rodvelt ran toward a nearby fridge, but the first shot hit him in the shoulder before he could take cover.

Carlson then fired a second shot and both Rodvelt and the dog fled to a neighbor’s house on Swansonville Road, who reported the incident.

Rodvelt heard his dog yelping after the second gunshot.


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