The Solar Innovator System Reviews – Is It Legit? Worth Buying or Fake Guide?

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Extreme weather forces you to power on the heater or the cooling fan throughout the day. With reliable energy sources, it is easier to withstand extreme heat or cold. Short power outages and blackouts are common during winter and summer. Diesel-operated or gas-dependent power alternatives can only offer short-term solutions.

What is the Solar Innovator System?

The Solar Innovator System is a digital product designed to help you create a nature-inspired 3-dimensional solar sphere. You can use the innovative solar system to generate quality energy, cutting your electric bills by 50-70%. The technology can help you enjoy low power bills throughout the year.

According to the creator, the Solar Innovator System is a systematic program that teaches how to create a home power plant using simple materials. You can use the energy to power up all household appliances, including AC units, refrigerators, toasters, and lamps. The 3D Solar Sphere helps you become energy-independent even during a nationwide blackout. The system is light, portable, and requires minimal maintenance.

Solar Innovator System allows you to create a product that takes less space than conventional solar panels. According to Mark Pierce, you can install it on your balcony or near your window. Anyone can create the Solar Innovator sphere regardless of their engineering skills.

The Solar Innovator System equips you with knowledge on creating a 3D solar sphere that surges the power output by up to 101%. The system is easy to assemble, and you can source all the materials locally. According to Mark Pierce, the device sucks up the sunlight at lightning speed before converting it into eco-friendly and cheap power that you can use immediately.

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About Mark Pierce – The Creator of the Solar Innovator System

Mark Pierce is the creator of the Solar Innovator System. He claims that a near-death experience resulting from a power outage forced him to research an adequate and reliable alternative power supply. After numerous research, he created a sphere-shaped solar panel designed to generate more power than flat-based solar panels.

The eyes of a housefly purportedly inspired the creation of the 3-D solar sphere. According to the Solar Innovator System creator, the 3-D solar globe increases the angular field of view, enabling it to capture sunlight in three dimensions. The round-shaped solar panel absorbs more light power from almost every angle.

How Does the Solar Innovator System Work?

The Solar Innovator System is a digital product comprising video guides, illustrations, and step-by-step guides on creating a reliable 3D solar sphere. The gadget is designed to revolutionize renewable energy, providing users with reliable and clean power.

According to the maker of Solar Innovator System, the 3D solar sphere can aid in the conservation of scarce resources, lower your utility bills, and provide a reliable backup in case of power outages. Mark Pierce boldly claims the system can generate up to 101% renewable energy compared to flat solar cells.

The Solar Innovator System aids in creating a spherical solar panel that is efficient and does not take up much space. The science behind solar energy is the same as the conventional rectangular-shaped solar panels. However, because of its 3D shape, the device traps more solar energy.

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The Science behind the Solar Innovator System

The 3D solar sphere works by allowing particles of light (photons) to release electrons from the atoms, hence generating an electric current. The 3D solar globe has multiple photovoltaic cells whose function is to convert the sunlight into electricity. The spherical solar panel generates a direct current (DC) of electricity, which passes through a simple inverter, transforming it into an alternating current that you can use at home on all your appliances.

Features of the Solar Innovator System

User-friendly: According to Mark Pierce, the Solar Innovator System is a user-friendly digital product that is simple to comprehend and utilize. It comes with multiple over-the-shoulder video guides, illustrated blueprints, materials cheat sheets, and simple instructions to ensure you can create reliable and practical 3D spherical solar panels. Mark Pierce claims that as long as you can handle simple gadgets like screwdrivers and understand English, you can use the Solar Innovator System.

Noiseless: The Solar Innovator System is designed to help you generate clean, renewable power. The 3D solar sphere produces zero noise pollution, hence ideal for both rural and urban setups.

Time Conscious: It takes about 60-75 minutes to read through the Solar Innovator System manual and watch the instructional videos. Mark Pierce states you can acquire all the materials cheaply in local and online stores. Most people assemble a simple 3D spherical solar panel in under three hours. However, for large-scale energy production, it may take more time.

Safe: The Solar Innovator System promotes the generation of safe solar panels. According to the instructional manual, there are zero dangers of photovoltaic cells emitting toxins or gasses.

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Pros and Cons of the Solar Innovator System

  • The Solar Innovator System is user-friendly and supports the creation of quality renewable energy.
  • All the materials are available online or offline at affordable prices
  • Anyone can create 3D solar spheres using the Solar Innovator System manuals
  • You can lower your utility bills by up to 70 percent using the spherical solar panels
  • The Solar Innovator System is only available online through the official website
  • The size of the spherical solar panel determines how much power you can create
  • Benefits of the Solar Innovator System

    • The Solar Innovator System supports the generation of renewable and reliable energy sources.
    • The spherical-shaped solar panels magnify the generation of clean energy, hence reducing your total electric bills by 50-70%, depending on the size.
    • The Solar Innovator System creates clean solar energy that is eco-friendly and does not cause environmental damage.
    • The Solar Innovator System is easy to maintain. According to Mark Pierce, the solar panels are “set-and-go” and require minimal maintenance—the spherical solar panel self-cleans when there are rains.
    • The solar energy serves as a backup when there are power outages
    • The Solar Innovator System does not take up much space. You can install it on the rooftop, balcony, or terrace
    • You can acquire all the materials cheaply, thus reducing total installation costs
    • You do not require engineering skills to construct your 3D solar panels using the Solar Innovator System
    • The Solar Innovator System is light and portable
    • The spherical solar panels are unlikely to get damaged by extreme weather, including strong winds and hurricanes.
    • The Solar Innovator System can purportedly power all your electrical appliances.


    The Solar Innovator System is available through the official website for only $39! The developer warns the prices are likely to rise in the future, so customers should order the manuals, videos, guides, and instructions soon.

    The Solar Innovator System is a digital product sent to your email immediately after payment.

    Refund Policy: The author of the Solar Innovator System offers a 60-day money-back guarantee on the product. He promises to refund your money if you find the digital product ineffective.


    What is Inside the Solar Innovator System?

    • Over-the-shoulder video guides
    • Step-by-step instructions
    • Illustrated blueprints
    • Materials cheat sheets

    Final Word

    The Solar Innovator System is a digital product to help you craft a simple 3D sphere solar panel. You can augment your electric power using the clean solar energy from the spherical solar panels. Unlike conventional flat solar panels, the 3D solar spheres increase power output by about 101%.

    According to the official website, over 30,000 users have benefited from the Solar Innovator System. It is easy and cheap to construct a simple 3D spherical solar panel. You can acquire the raw materials locally at affordable prices. Installing the Solar Innovator System can lower your electric bills by 50-75%.

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