Miracle Made 3-Temperature-Zone Comforter Reviewed – Is It Worth It or Cheap Brand?

  • Thursday, November 9, 2023 12:20pm
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The Miracle Made 3-Temperature-Zone Comforter is a soothing blanket that helps consumers keep their body temperature regulated as they sleep. It offers silver-infused materials to reduce the growth of bacteria from dead skin cells and other particles.

What is the Miracle Made 3-Temperature-Zone Comforter?

Getting a good night’s sleep sets the tone for an entire day. When someone can fall asleep at night properly, they rest well and allow their body to go through all of the repair processes that it should. These people generally wake up with a readiness to face the day. This great sleep is precisely why so many people are morning people.

Unfortunately, not everyone sleeps well. One of the most significant interruptions in sleep is the wrong temperature. While it may seem that this factor is insignificant when it comes to rest, feeling too hot or cold forces the individual to wake up constantly. If they continuously wake, how could they get enough sleep to maintain their circadian rhythm?

While diet, lifestyle habits, and work all consume much of the average person’s adult life, the only way to be prepared is by sleeping well. Medications and supplements might help with calmness and relaxation, but body temperature needs something to regulate it externally. Even the best blankets either get too hot or don’t warm them enough. Luckily, Miracle Made developed a comforter that corrects this problem entirely.

According to the creators on the website, no other comforter will ever perform as well as theirs, offering unique temperature-control technology. This is the first comforter to feature the 3-Temperature-Zone technology, ensuring that consumers stay exactly the temperature their body needs for the best sleep. Without feeling the discomfort of the wrong temperature, consumers can keep resting for the entire night.

To help users breathe better, this comforter uses hypoallergenic OEKO-TEX Certified fabrics. By using sheets with this support, consumers get to reduce the risk of stuffiness or congestion in the morning. The blanket is non-irritating to ensure that even consumers with the most sensitive skin can use it, though they will need to continue using detergent that also protects the skin.

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What Makes the 3-Temperature-Zone Comforter Different?

As stated above, the most significant boost to this comforter’s performance is the 3-Temperature-Zone technology. This material uniquely maintains the proper insulation without bunching or separating. However, the material also offers a way to reduce cold feet without making the entire body hot. Without these issues, most people toss and turn significantly less, meaning they rest more.

The blanket’s antibacterial properties reduce up to 99.7% of bacteria on bedding. When users sleep, the physical contact with their blanket forces them to leave behind bacteria from the skin, as well as dead skin cells. The average comforter keeps collecting these particles and germs until it is washed, and most people wash their comforters monthly to keep them fresh.

Unfortunately, these other comforters become a treasure trove of bacteria and germs, leading to malodorous bedding that can even absorb into the user’s mattress. By using ionization, the Miracle Made comforter prevents this for clean skin and a healthy bed.

When germs are exposed to the infused silver fabrics, their entire stability is disrupted. Even though other sheets continue accumulating germs (even after a wash), this bedding is not the same. When germs come in direct contact with silver, the nanoparticles break through their cell walls. When their cell membrane structure changes, the germs don’t survive. Silver tends to work most efficiently with Gram-negative bacteria, which include E. coli, salmonella, Legionella, Moraxella, and more. If users continue to expose themselves to Gram-negative germs without the help of the silver in this comforter, they put themselves at risk of brucellosis, campylobacter infections, and Legionnaire’s disease.

By using the layers that make this product such a good fit, you save tons of water. Consumers won’t have to wash their comforter as much, which means their washer will have fewer loads that need all the water it takes for a comforter. Along with the antibacterial support, this blanket uses infused silver to keep it smelling fresh instead of becoming stagnant between washes.

Since 2019, this comforter has saved 14 million gallons of water, reducing laundry to a third of what consumers use on bedding. The hypoallergenic materials even ensure that this comfortable sleep is accompanied by easier breathing. However, hypoallergenic benefits extend beyond the sinuses. Consumers can also reduce inflammation, reduce skin irritation, and clear up acne. While the comforter is advertised as a solution for body temperature at night, it also improves the whole body’s health.

Buying the Miracle Made 3-Temperature-Zone Comforter

To buy a Miracle Made Comforter, consumers should visit the official website. The website offers two different colors (white or stone) and two different sizes (full/queen or king/Cali king). The color won’t change the cost, but users will have different prices for the sizes.

Choose from:

  • $169.99 for a Full/Queen comforter
  • $179.99 for King/Cali King

All orders are currently eligible to add a free bonus of three stone gray towels. If the user finds that this comforter isn’t a good match for their needs, they are covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you have any questions about the return policy or anything else, please contact customer service.

  • Email: orders@miraclebrand.co


Miracle Made 3-Temperature-Zone Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Thread Count of the Miracle Comforter?

A: The fabric used for the Miracle Comforter has a 300-three count, using Miracle Clean & Cool materials. This thread count is not an indication of the blanket’s thickness, but it shows how soft the fabric is.

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Q: What Material is the Miracle Comforter Made of?

A: The material – Miracle Clean & Cool – is a blend of 3 layers, consisting of cotton, polyester alternative down, and a eucalyptus lyocell blend. All layers are infused with silver.

Q: What Does “3 Temperature Zones” Mean?

A: This comforter includes temperature zones as a part of its thermoregulation system. While it has a lot of fluffy filling, consumers won’t be too hot or cold beneath it. The different zones ensure consumers evenly distribute the temperature, supporting the right areas with better warmth.

Q: How Frequently Will Consumers Have to Wash Their Miracle Comforter?

A: The antibacterial material within the Miracle Comforter is so effective at keeping germs away that most people only need to wash theirs every 3-4 months. Regular comforters need to be cleaned at least once every month.

Q: How Can Consumers Be Sure That This Comforter Gets Rid of Unwanted Bacteria?

A: To determine how effective the comforter is, the creators sought out testing with an independent agency. This agency, which has decades of experience with academic research, showed that their silver-infused technology was effective in reducing the growth of bacteria by 99.7%.

Q: How Do Consumers Take Care of Their Comforter?

A: All orders come with a Care Guide to ensure users get years of use out of their comforter.

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Q: What Are the Comforter’s Certifications?

A: These comforters are OEKO-TEX (11-25127 and 17.HIN.04678) certified. That means that every single aspect of the comforter has gone through multiple intensive tests to ensure that it has none of the 350 toxic chemicals that pose a risk to consumers. This standard was first established in 1992, and OEKO-TEX has since been known as the best label to determine textile safety.

Q: Where Do the Creators Make These Comforters?

A: Every comforter is produced within the United States. The brand also has other bedding which is made in India. Their towels come from materials in Pakistan. However, all the products – regardless of their origins – are distributed from the United States, and any shipping times online reflect domestically shipped orders.

Q: What is the Return Policy?

A: Every product comes with a money-back guarantee that covers the first 30 days after the purchase is made. If the user decides this product isn’t a good solution for their needs, they can contact customer service to get their money back.

The customer team can be reached by sending an email to orders@miraclebrand.co.

Miracle Made 3-Temperature-Zone Summary

The Miracle Brand comforter provides consumers with a calming and welcoming way to wake up. It keeps the body in the proper temperature range for the entire night, and it offers many benefits that go beyond a good night’s sleep. With the antibacterial and hypoallergenic benefits that the silver-infused fabrics bring, most people report clearer skin and better breathing all night. By breathing better and maintaining a comfortable temperature, consumers don’t have to stay tossing and turning all night. With a 30-day return policy, consumers are reassured that they won’t lose their investment if it doesn’t suit their needs.

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