ChillWell AC Reviewed: Legit ChillWell Portable Air Cooler or Scam?

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ChillWell AC is a portable cooler found exclusively online through ChillWellShop.com.

The device rapidly cools a room within seconds while being completely portable and rechargeable. You can take it anywhere you go to enjoy cool air on-the-go – all while saving electricity.

Does ChillWell live up to the hype? How does ChillWell keep your home cool without the hassle of an air conditioning system? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about ChillWell.

What is ChillWell?


ChillWell is a portable air cooling system that uses cordless cooling technology to keep the air cool.

Unlike a conventional air conditioning system, ChillWell is designed to cool smaller spaces – like the area immediately around you. You can take ChillWell with you from the kitchen to the office to the living room, staying cool everywhere in your home.

Instead of paying to keep an entire home cool all summer long, you can enjoy cool air in your immediate surroundings, saving money while enjoying better temperatures.

ChillWell is available exclusively online through ChillWellShop.com, where it’s priced at around $89.99 per unit through a 55% off deal.

ChillWell Features & Benefits


The makers of ChillWell advertise all of the following features and benefits:

  • Cordless and portable
  • Rechargeable
  • Energy efficient
  • Rapidly cool a room within seconds
  • Slash electric bills
  • Four different fan spends (turbo, high, medium, and low)

How Does ChillWell Work?

ChillWell is designed to be as easy to use as possible. Just charge up the device, soak the included water cooling cartridge in water, then enjoy rapid cooling wherever you go.

The makers of ChillWell call it “Hydro-Chill Technology.” It helps turn hot air into cold, moist air.

A traditional air conditioning system uses evaporators to remove moisture from the air, cooling temperatures. They cycle warm air outside of the building, helping to lower temperatures inside.

ChillWell, however, works without removing moisture from the air. The device comes with a cooling cartridge that adds moisture to the air while still cooling it. That means you enjoy cooler temperatures without the dryness of a traditional air conditioning system.

Some people develop coughs all summer long because of their dry air conditioning system. Others experience dry, flaky skin. ChillWell cools air without these issues, helping you create a more comfortable environment without removing all moisture from the air.


ChillWell Features

ChillWell uses Hydro-Chill Technology to lower temperatures. Here are some of the features behind ChillWell and its Hydro-Chill Technology:

Rapid Cooling Action: Traditional AC Systems slowly try to cool down an entire room or house, while ChillWell focuses on just one area at a time. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars per month keeping your entire home cool, you can cool the areas you want to cool.

Big Savings: Avoid running your cooling bill every summer. ChillWell is more energy efficient than a typical air conditioner, leading to a lower electricity bill that won’t make you sweat.

Customizable Cooling with 4 Fan Speeds: ChillWell comes with four fan speeds, including turbo, high, medium, and low. Whether you want a gentle breeze at night or a maximum speed fan in the middle of the afternoon, you can customize your ChillWell cooling experience.

Add Ice Cubes for Colder Temperatures: Want to make ChillWell even cooler? You can add ice cubes to the cooler tank to lower the temperatures inside the device. That means air passing through the device encounters ice cold water in the cooling cartridge, helping to rapidly cool surrounding air in seconds. It’s a great, cost-efficient way to keep your home cool.

Turbo Cooling Mode: ChillWell has four fan speeds, including a turbo cooling mode for extra cooling power.

Rechargeable: You can carry ChillWell anywhere in your home without worrying about electricity or power outlets. The device is rechargeable. You can even take it camping or place it in your backyard for portable cooling off the grid.

Create Cold Air in Seconds: You don’t need to wait for your AC system to kick in to enjoy the rapid cooling power of ChillWell. You can get a blast of cold air in seconds, helping you beat the heat and stay chill all summer long.

Easy for Anyone to Use: ChillWell is specifically designed to be easy for anyone to use. If you can plug in your phone, then you can use ChillWell without issue. Just attach the USB charging cable, turn it on, and relax. That’s it.

Smart & Affordable Home Cooling: ChillWell is designed for maximum energy efficiency. You can reduce your utility bills using ChillWell. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars to keep your home cool all summer long, you can pay for the specific cooling you need with ChillWell.

Night Light: ChillWell has a soft night light. You can turn it on at night for added ambience or for a child’s bedroom (or for extra illumination anywhere).

Place Cooling Cartridge in Freezer for Extra Cooling: ChillWell has a cooling cartridge to maximize chilling efficiency. You can pre-soak the cartridge, then place it in your freezer until frozen to maximize cooling efficiency. Your ChillWell will create cool air for longer.

Ideal for Offices, Bedrooms, Dorms, and Other Spaces: ChillWell is designed to keep smaller rooms cool. A single unit isn’t designed to cool an entire home. However, one ChillWell can efficiently cool a bedroom, dorm room, office, or other small space.

Multiple LED Light Colors: Whether you use ChillWell as a night light or for ambience, you can enjoy multiple LED light colors, including blue, red, white, teal, purple, yellow, and green.

No Need to Install or Manage Traditional Air Conditioning Systems: ChillWell works without the hassle, cost, and installation of a full home HVAC system. You can enjoy the same cool temperatures without the fuss. That makes ChillWell ideal for renters, college students, and others for whom AC isn’t an option.

How Does ChillWell AC Cool the Air?

ChillWell cools the air via the science of evaporation with Hydro-Chill Technology™. The secret to ChillWell’s effectiveness lies in its cooling cartridge. You soak the cooling cartridge, add it to ChillWell AC, then run the fan to keep the air cool.

Here’s how ChillWell AC cools the air:

ChillWell has an included cooling cartridge that sits within a water tank.

Before using ChillWell, you fill the water tank, then soak the curtain in the water.

You can add ice to the water tank for extra cooling effectiveness.

ChillWell’s fans blast warm, dry air through the device onto the cooling cartridge.

Via the power of evaporation, the air removes moisture from the cooling cartridge. Evaporation is a natural reaction that requires heat. Hot, dry air enter one side of the cooling cartridge, and moist, cool air exits the other side.

The ChillWell fans blow cool air at four speeds to the surrounding area, helping you enjoy cool temperatures instantly without the dryness of a traditional air conditioning system.

The ChillWell cooling cartridge is made from a sponge material. It is recommended that users replace the cooling cartridge every 1 to 3 months, depending on use according to the makers of ChillWell. There is no indicator on ChillWell telling you when to replace the cooling cartridge.

The higher the temperature and the lower the humidity, the more evaporation will occur when running ChillWell, which means the cooler the air will get. You can adjust the settings the find the right cooling comfort level for you.

ChillWell AC Tech Specs

ChillWell AC has the following technical specifications:

  • Water Tank Size: 550mL
  • Length: 6.69”
  • Width: 5.71”
  • Height: 6.30”
  • Weight: 1lb 13.5oz
  • Battery Life: Up to 8 hours on High, 10 hours on Medium, and 12 hours on Low. A fully charged ChillWell portable air cooler will run for 3.5 hours depending on speed setting, room temperature levels, and room humidity levels. When plugged in, the ChillWell AC can last 8-12 hours on a single fill depending on speed setting, room temperature levels, and room humidity levels.’

How to Setup and Use ChillWell AC

ChillWell is designed to be easy for anyone to setup and use – even if you have zero technical skills. As long as you can plug in a smartphone to charge, you can easily use ChillWell to keep your home cool.

Here’s how it works:

Charging ChillWell

Set ChillWell on a flat surface like a table or desk. Then, plug the small end of the USB cable into the port on the back of the unit. All ChillWell purchases come with an included USB charging cable.

Plug the large end of the USB cable in a USB power adaptor (like the one that came with your smartphone). Or, plug it into a laptop or computer USB port. ChillWell does not come with a USB power adaptor, but any laptop or electronic device with a USB port should work.

The ChillWell charging light begins to blink, indicating the unit is charging. When the light is solid, ChillWell is fully charged.

Setting Up ChillWell

Use the cartridge drawer tab to remove the cooling cartridge from the device.

Pre-soak the cooling cartridge under cold, running water. Or, for extra cooling, place a wet cartridge in the freezer until frozen.

Place the cartridge back into the drawer when done.

Fill up the water tank by gently pouring water into the opening until the level reaches the top. Look at the side of the tank to check the level. Place ice cubes in the tank for optimal cooling.

Using ChillWell

Press the fan button to turn on ChillWell, and the device automatically enters high speed mode.

Adjust the fan speed to reach your desired temperature (press the fan button twice for Medium or three times for Low). Or, press the “+” button to enter Turbo mode for maximum fan speed and cooling.

Use the air direction tab to adjust airflow up or down.

Choose the light color by pressing the “sun” button. You can choose from multiple colors, cycling through them by pressing the button.

Control cooling output by pressing the snowflake button. You can choose High or Low cooling modes.

Storage & Maintenance

If you plan to stop using ChillWell for an extended period of time, then empty the unit and let everything dry before storing. Otherwise, you could develop mold and unpleasant smells.

Clean your ChillWell and the cartridge weekly to keep it in optimal working condition. You can place the cartridge in the top rack of your dishwasher on a normal cycle. Or, you can hand wash it gently with warm water and soap. Or, you can microwave it on high for 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

If you see mold on ChillWell or notice a musty smell, then stop and clean the cartridge before further use. Soak the cartridge in a solution with equal parts water and vinegar for 45 to 60 minutes to remove mold.

ChillWell AC Pricing

ChillWell is available at a 55% discount online today when ordered through ChillWellShop.com.


Here’s how pricing works on the official website:

  • 1 x ChillWell Portable AC: $89.99
  • 2 x ChillWell Portable ACs: $179.99
  • 3 x ChillWell Portable ACs: $201.99
  • 4 x ChillWell Portable ACs: $269.99

Shipping is not included. However, the manufacturer does not disclose the cost of shipping until after you enter payment information and complete your purchase.

ChillWell AC Refund Policy

All purchases are backed by a 60-day moneyback guarantee.

You can request a complete refund on your purchase within 60 days of your original purchase date.

According to the fine print of the refund policy, you can only request a refund on unused products. If you have already used ChillWell and didn’t like it, then you cannot request a refund. The company only accepts refunds on products in brand new condition that are unused, unworn and in their original packaging.

About ChillWell AC

ChillWell is made by a company named Ontel Products Corporation. Ontel is a Fairfield, New Jersey-based company offering a range of consumer products.

You can contact the ChillWell customer service team via the following:

  • Email: chillwell@rephelpdesk.com
  • Phone: 888-998-6324
  • Mailing Address: 21 Law Drive, Fairfield, NJ 07004

ChillWell also lists an address in Las, Vegas, Nevada.

ChillWell is made in China.

Final Word

ChillWell AC is a portable air cooler designed to keep personal spaces cool all summer long without spending a fortune for comfort or experiencing a sky-high electric bill.

Just follow the easy instructions, then use ChillWell to lower temperatures and add moisture to the air wherever you go to enjoy a cost-friendly summer. For a portable air cooler like the ChillWell AC, it performs as good as it looks, passing not only the eyeball-test of looking incredibly sleek and modern, but is also made of high quality materials built to last for those long summer days of extreme heat and humidity.

Boasting amazing features and plenty of personal comfort benefits, the perfect take-anywhere size energy-efficient ChillWell AC is the optimal portable air cooler you need this summer to effectively beat the heat no matter where you go or what you are doing.

To learn more about ChillWell or to buy ChillWell today, visit the official website at ChillWellShop.com.

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