Best Detox Teas That Work 2024

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If your weight loss regimen is not yielding the expected results, you should try incorporating natural superfoods into it. Detox teas have become increasingly popular in the fitness community. More and more dieticians are recommending detox teas for weight loss.

Whether you want long-lasting energy boosts or maximize the effects of your weight loss program, you can turn to detox teas to cleanse your body of impurities and toxins. The buildup of toxins and impurities inside the body can negatively impact all aspects of your health, ranging from metabolism to mental health.

Many people start experiencing severe symptoms of body toxicity, such as abdominal discomfort, poor metabolism, mood swings, fatigue, and digestive issues. Some people struggle with losing weight despite following a strict dietary plan and spending hours at the gym. This mostly happens when there are massive buildups of toxins inside the body.

As the market is saturated with detox teas, you may have difficulty picking up the best product for yourself. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the top detoxifying drinks for weight loss. Our editorial team prepared the list after contacting manufacturers, perusing clinical studies, analyzing lab reports, reading customer reviews, and testing. Below, you’ll find a list of the best detox drinks to try in 2024.

The Best Detox Teas for 2024

Below are the best detox teas for 2024:

  • All Day Slimming Herbs
  • Sleep Slim Tea
  • Eat Stop Eat Fasting Tea
  • Flat Belly Tea
  • Simple Life Nutrition Moringa Tea
  • Gluconite
  • PT Trim Fat Burn
  • Organifi Gold
  • Tea Burn
  • Everlong Detox Tea
  • SkinnyFit Detox Tea
  • Zero Tea 14-Day Detox Tea
  • Baebody 14-Day Teatox
  • Total Tea Energy Tea
  • Yogi Detox Tea
  • Fit Tea 14 Day Detox
  • Herbaly Ginger Tea
  • Eat Sleep Burn Tea Recipes
  • Deep Sleep Diabetes Remedy
  • Tone Your Tummy Tea Recipes
  • Cinderella Solution

All Day Slimming Herbs


All Day Slimming Herbs include two detox teas: Morning Energy Tea and Evening Detox Tea. The Morning Energy Tea is designed to improve metabolism, promote a healthy appetite, and boost energy levels. By drinking 3 to 4 cups of this tea daily, you can lose up to 3 pounds in a week.

The Evening Detox Tea is designed to promote a healthy sleep cycle. By taking one cup of this tea every evening, you can enjoy a deep and restful sleep every night and wake up fresh every morning.

Regular intake of All Day Slimming Herbs improves digestion and helps you steer clear of mild to moderate digestive problems like bloating and constipation. All Day Slimming Herbs gently cleanse your body and help you lose weight more efficiently. The primary ingredients present in the Morning Energy Tea include green tea, oolong tea, ginger root, dandelion leaf, garcinia cambogia, orange peel, lemongrass, and monk fruit.

The Evening Detox Tea contains optimal doses of senna leaf, fennel fruit, cinnamon bark, monk fruit, licorice root, and peppermint leaf. The Morning Energy Tea comes in natural lemon and mint flavor, and the Evening Detox Tea comes in natural lemon and honey flavor. Priced at $69, one pack of All Day Slimming Herbs contains 30 tea bags. A 60-day money-back guarantee also backs the product.

Sleep Slim Tea


Developed by PureLife Organics, Sleep Slim Tea is a detox tea that cleanses your body of different toxic substances to soothe your mind and improve your sleep quality. The detox tea is designed to counter the effects of cytotoxicity on your mind, allowing you to sleep better at night.

By taking one cup of Sleep Slim Tea every night before bed, you can enjoy deep and undisrupted sleep. The tea alleviates mental stress, prevents insomnia, and reduces anxiety.

Sleep Slim Tea is packed with many sleep-enhancing ingredients, including acacia fiber, turmeric, ashwagandha root, magnolia, chamomile, ginger, cinnamon, and black pepper extract. These ingredients work together to improve your sleep quality and provide deep relaxation to the body and mind, allowing you to follow your weight loss regimen more efficiently. These ingredients also support your metabolic health and promote weight loss.

Sleep Slim Tea allows you to engage in strenuous workouts without being drained quickly by improving your sleep quality. Priced at $59.95, one tub of Sleep Slim Tea contains 30 servings.

Eat Stop Eat Fasting Tea


Eat Stop Eat Fasting Tea is a detox tea designed to promote weight loss by accelerating fat burning and suppressing appetite. The tea mix is packed with a conglomerate of natural superfoods that act in synergy to prevent the formation of new adipocytes (fat cells).

The primary ingredients present in Eat Stop Eat Fasting Tea include blueberry extract, green tea extract, nutmeg, quercetin, red raspberry extract, and bromelain, all of which have been associated with metabolic health and weight loss. These ingredients speed up the release of fatty acids from the cells for energy.

Eat Stop Eat Fasting Tea floods your body with hefty doses of antioxidants that repair cell damage and reverse the signs of aging. Additionally, the detox tea supports healthy cholesterol levels, promotes heart health, improves blood sugar control, alleviates inflammation, and boosts immune strength. Priced at 57.95 per bottle, Eat Stop Eat Fasting Tea comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Flat Belly Tea


Flat Belly Tea is a detox tea by PureLife Organics that is mainly designed to help you shed stubborn fat from the abdominal region. Flat Belly Tea helps you shed weight naturally by improving your metabolism and boosting energy levels. It is a fat-burning solution that must be incorporated into your weight loss regimen.

Flat Belly Tea by PureLife Organics contains a broad range of natural superfoods that act as metabolic enhancers. The primary ingredients present in the tea include monk fruit, acacia fiber, ginger extract, black pepper extract, cinnamon, and turmeric.

Flat Belly Tea is formulated to support a healthy metabolism, brain function, energy release, and craving control. The tea also contains optimal doses of essential vitamins and minerals, including vitamin D, potassium, calcium, and sodium. Priced at $69, one bottle of Flat Belly Tea comes with 30 servings.

Simple Life Nutrition Moringa Tea


Moringa is a detox tea mix created by Simple Life Nutrition. It is a dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegan formula that supports cardiovascular health, skin and hair health, immune function, and weight loss. Moringa Tea is designed to enhance the natural detoxifying action of your body to alleviate oxidative stress and inflammation, thereby preventing a wide range of infections and health problems.

Moringa is one of the most popular and widely used immune-boosting teas in the United States. This health-boosting tea provides your body with potent doses of 25 essential vitamins, 47 active antioxidants, and eight amino acids, all of which act together to strengthen your body’s natural detoxification system.

Moringa Tea by Simple Life Nutrition also has a USDA certification, giving it an additional layer of legitimacy. The tea comes in three flavors: Original, Lemon, and Pomegranate. Priced at $11.99, one pack of Moringa Tea comes with 30 tea bags.


Developed by Extra Strength, Gluconite is a detox drink mix that supports healthy metabolism and improves sleep quality. It is packed with potent doses of natural health-boosting ingredients, including chamomile flower powder, hops flower powder, melatonin, white willow bark extract, stevia, gamma-aminobutyric acid, tryptophan, and hibiscus flower, producing sleep-enhancing and metabolism-boosting effects.

Gluconite does not support weight loss directly, although it supports your metabolic health and boosts energy levels, allowing you to lose weight efficiently.

Gluconite is marketed as a diabetes supplement that supports healthy blood sugar and insulin. It is also a sleep aid, relaxing your mind and body facilitating a healthy sleep cycle. One bottle of Gluconite costs $69 and contains 30 servings.

PT Trim Fat Burn

PT Trim Fat Burn is a fat-burning nutritional supplement that uses purple tea to eliminate stubborn belly fat. In addition to purple tea, PT Trim Fat Burn contains optimal doses of berberine, green tea leaf extract, and garcinia fruit extract. By taking this supplement regularly, you can lower your weight ‘set point.’

The tea provides your body with catechins that reverse biochemical patterns that decrease your metabolic rate. This allows you to burn more calories at rest. You can purportedly lose 15 to 40 pounds by taking this supplement with a low-calorie diet and regular exercise. One bottle of PT Trim Fat Burn is priced at $89.

Organifi Gold

Gold by Organifi is a detox drink mix that nourishes your cells, promotes deep relaxation, and improves sleep quality. It is packed with an all-natural blend of health-boosting ingredients, including lemon balm, turmeric, turkey tail, ginger, and reishi mushroom, all of which act together to relax your body and mind.

Gold is a zero-sugar formula that provides nightly relaxation and helps your sleep better. Organifi Gold has Gluten-Free by GFCO.ORG and USDA Organic certifications, which give it an extra layer of legitimacy. Priced at $69.95, one bottle of Organifi Gold comes with 30 servings.

Tea Burn

Tea Burn is a detox tea created by John Barban. The tea is designed to kickstart your metabolism and stimulate the natural fat-burning mechanism of your body. Each serving of Tea Burn comes with potent doses of caffeine, green tea extract, l-carnitine, coffee extract, chromium, and l-theanine.

If you are looking for a natural way to electrify your metabolism, you should take this potent weight loss formula. The formula works with any type of tea, including white tea, iced tea, black, and regular tea.

Tea Burn also curbs sugar cravings and promotes high energy levels to help you pursue your weight loss program more efficiently. One bag of Tea Burn costs $49 and comes with 30 servings.

The Top Detox Teas on Amazon

We used the same criteria to prepare a list of the top detox teas available on Amazon. Here are the best detox teas on Amazon:

Everlong Detox Tea

Everlong Detox Tea is a detox tea designed to speed up fat burning, boost energy, eliminate toxins from the gastrointestinal tract, and support immune function. It is formulated with 100% premium organic ingredients that help your digestive health and boost immunity.

You can enjoy a sustainable long-term body balance by taking this tea regularly. It corrects toxicity-induced dysfunction of specific organs and reverses damaging biochemical patterns to improve nutrient absorption. There are two types of Everlong Detox Tea: Morning Boost and Evening Cleanse. One bag of each costs $32.98.

SkinnyFit Detox Tea

SkinnyFit Detox Tea is an unflavored detox tea that supports weight loss, boosts energy levels, and improves immune strength. It is a 100% vegan formula that contains a potent blend of 13 natural superfoods that work together to help you break through weight-loss plateaus.

Regular intake of SkinnyFit Detox Tea fortifies your body’s natural cleansing system and eliminates toxic substances from your gut, preventing problems like stomach bloating. It also contains natural energy-enhancing ingredients that provide you with long-lasting energy boosts without causing side effects like jitters or crashes. Priced at $69.95, one bag of SkinnyFit Detox Tea comes with 28 servings.

Zero Tea 14-Day Detox Tea

Developed by Zero Tea, 14-Day Detox Tea is an herbal tea that supercharges your metabolism to promote healthy digestion and fat burning. It is infused with potent doses of essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that amplify your body’s natural fat-burning abilities, allowing you to shed excess fat quickly.

14-Day Detox Tea also supports weight loss by optimizing bacteria levels in your gut. It contains natural detoxifiers that gently cleanse your gut and restore healthy levels of gut flora. The primary ingredients present in the tea include cloves, orange peels, green tea, cinnamon, nutmeg, red peppercorn, and cornflower. One bag of Zero Tea 14-Day Detox Tea costs $14.97.

Baebody 14-Day Teatox

Baebody 14-Day Teatox is a detox tea supplement that promotes weight loss by alleviating toxicity-induced stress in your body. It contains a powerful blend of herbal ingredients that gently cleanse your gut to reverse the metabolic damage caused by toxins buildup.

The key ingredients present in Baebody 14-Day Teatox include ginger, rooibos leaf, sencha leaf, stevia leaf, garcinia cambogia, matcha, guarana fruit, and pomegranate peel. These ingredients work synergistically to promote a healthy appetite and help you reach satiation quickly. One bag of 14-Day Teatox costs $14.95.

Total Tea Energy Tea

Total Tea Energy Tea is a detox tea for appetite control and memory improvement. It is an herbal tea that floods your body with many antioxidants fighting free radicals and alleviating oxidative stress.

Marketed to both men and women, Total Tea Energy Tea is a coffee substitute promoting increased mental alertness and focus. Priced at $19.98, one pack of Total Tea Energy Tea comes with 25 tea bags.

Yogi Detox Tea

Yogi Detox Tea is a caffeine-free detox formula that cleanses your gut and promotes healthy metabolism. It is infused with traditional Ayurvedic herbs that strengthen your body’s natural cleansing system, allowing your liver to eliminate toxins efficiently.

The key ingredients present in the tea include ginger, clove, licorice root extract, cinnamon, cardamom, dandelion, and black pepper extract, all of which boast restorative properties. Yogi Detox Tea is a legitimate product and carries USDA Organic certification. One pack of Yogi Detox Tea comes with 16 tea bags and costs $24.84.

Fit Tea 14 Day Detox

Fit Tea 14 Day Detox is an herbal tea with honey lemon flavor. It is formulated to activate the natural cleansing mechanisms of your body, thereby allowing the smooth elimination of toxins from the body. It is a digestive aid that cleanses out the gut, improves appetite, and promotes weight loss.

Fit Tea 14 Day Detox is packed with potent doses of natural superfoods, including green tea, ginger, garcinia cambogia, and pomegranate. Taking this herbal tea daily can energize your body and mind and more efficiently pursue your weight loss regimen. It also contains an optimal dose of caffeine that helps you stay alert and energetic. One pack of Fit Tea 14 Day Detox costs $24.95.

Herbaly Ginger Tea

Organic Herbal Ginger Tea by Herbaly Wellness Collection is a detox tea that calms your body, alleviates oxidative stress, and promotes healthy blood sugar. It is one of the best teas on the market for blood sugar control.

Herbaly Ginger Tea is replete with glucose-regulating herbs that optimize your blood sugar. It also contains natural restoratives that calm your mind and promote healthy brain activity. The key ingredients present in Herbaly Ginger Tea include fennel seed, dandelion root, tulsi leaf, turmeric leaf, sencha leaf, and stevia. One pack of Organic Herbal Ginger Tea costs $32.

The Top Detox Tea Recipe and Guide Books

If you are skeptical about detox mixes sold on the market, you can always prepare a detox tea at home. You do not need exotic ingredients to prepare detox tea at home. You can easily prepare a detox tea by mixing different herbs and teas available at grocery stores. Here are the top detox tea recipe books and guides available in the market:

Eat Sleep Burn Tea Recipes

Eat Sleep Burn Tea Recipes incorporates a great selection of detox teas that improve digestion and support weight loss. Many recipes in the book are specifically designed to help you shed stubborn belly fat.

By following the recipes given in the book, you can purportedly lose up to 75 pounds in 3 months. All recipes included in the book are customizable. You can always change ingredients according to your taste. Eat Sleep Burn Tea Recipes is priced at $37.

Deep Sleep Diabetes Remedy

Deep Sleep Diabetes Remedy is designed to help people optimize blood sugar levels and enjoy nightly relaxation. The book is based on diabetes management. It walks the reader through unique ways to optimize blood sugar overnight.

Deep Sleep Diabetes Remedy claims to reverse the symptoms of type 2 diabetes as you enjoy deep and restful sleep at night. The book’s official website features customer testimonials that suggest that Deep Sleep Diabetes Remedy can help you minimize the symptoms of diabetes to the extent that you don’t feel diabetic anymore.

The book incorporates tips for weight loss, diabetes management, and blood sugar control. You can get instant access to it for $37.

Tone Your Tummy Tea Recipes

Tone Your Tummy Tea Recipes is a fitness guide incorporating detox tea recipes and exercise programs. The recipes outlined in the book can help you get rid of subcutaneous and visceral fat. Many of the recipes in the book come from unknown sources.

Most of the recipes outlined in the book come from traditional Chinese medicine. All recipes are straightforward and only include natural ingredients. You can get instant access to Tone Your Tummy Tea Recipes for $37.

Cinderella Solution

Cinderella Solution is an all-inclusive fitness guide that comprehends unique tips for weight loss. Carly Donovan creates the digital manual. Carly apprises the reader of a unique method by which you can keep your body in weight loss mode for up to 22 hours daily.

Cinderella Solution is a collection of digital books, tools, and instruction manuals that help you break through weight-loss plateaus. The digital guide has helped more than 16,000 reach their fitness goals. You can get instant access to Cinderella Solution for $37.

How We Ranked The Top Detoxifying Teas

While all detox tea manufacturers claim to offer high-quality products with premium ingredients, not all are true to their word. We used the following ranking factors to distinguish the best detox teas from the worst:


The nutritional value of detox tea is determined by its ingredients. Some detox teas are packed with herbs like garcinia cambogia, ginger, dandelion, matcha, and senna. However, some use powerful stimulants like caffeine to provide a short-term boost in metabolic rate.

While preparing the list, we looked for natural ingredients to support detoxification and weight loss. All products on our list contain clinically tested ingredients for quality, safety, and efficacy.

Complementary Ingredients

While some detox teas are prepared by mixing regular teas, some contain potent herbs that augment the natural detoxifying action of the body. We preferred detox teas that contain herbal superfoods as complementary ingredients.

Advertised Benefits

The supplement space is saturated with companies that exaggerate the benefits of their products. For example, some detox teas claim to support instant weight loss without any exercise or diet. While preparing the list, we were particularly wary of companies that make unrealistic or exaggerated claims about their products. All detox teas included in our list come from manufacturers who have honestly run their promotional campaigns.

Manufacturer Reputation & Lab Testing

All detoxifying teas on our list come from highly reputable manufacturers with a track record of selling high-quality products. However, we were in no way biased for or against new companies. We used many factors to determine the manufacturer’s reputation, such as doctor’s recommendation, customer testimonials, manufacturing facility, third-party lab testing, certifications, and medical community support.

Mixability & Flavor

The mixability and flavor of the formula tell a lot about the quality of the products. All products on our list have great mixability. We preferred detox formulas that can be mixed with any type of tea. Our list contains various products, ranging from mild-tasting formulas to highly flavorsome powders. Whether you prefer weak tea or flavorful detox drinks, you can find a suitable detox tea on our list.

Price & Value

Whether you have a small budget or plenty of money to spend, you can use our list to find the best detox tea for yourself. Our list comprehends a massive variety of products belonging to all price ranges. We understand that different people have different budgets. Therefore, we were not biased towards or against any specific price range.

Who Should Take Detox Tea?

Anyone looking to improve the natural cleansing mechanisms of their body should take detox tea. Detoxification is a biological mechanism that eliminates harmful chemicals from your body, allowing it to function normally.

While your body is naturally well-equipped to carry out detoxification, you can enhance your body’s detoxifying processes by taking a healthy diet and exercising regularly.

General symptoms of toxicity in the body include swelling, fatigue, anxiety, migraines, allergies, obesity, sinus issues, digestive problems, insomnia, cellulite, poor skin, depression, and poor circulation. You should start taking detox tea if you experience any of these symptoms. However, you must consult your doctor if the symptoms persist.

People taking certain medications must avoid taking detox tea. Detox tea may contain ingredients that can interfere with certain drugs and decrease their effectiveness as it rushes through your digestive tract without being absorbed.

Some detox teas contain grapefruit, which may amplify the effects of certain medications and cause serious side effects. If you are on any medications, you must consult your doctor before taking detox tea.

Health Benefits of Detox Tea

Drinking detox tea is a scientifically-proven way to steer clear of toxins that interfere with bodily functions and cause disease. Your body must undergo detoxification regularly to maintain its physiology. Detox teas are beneficial for many processes and help maintain a healthy lifestyle.

By incorporating detox tea in your health regime, you can cleanse your body of toxic substances that undermine body function and lower your body’s capacity to combat infections and disease. Here are some health benefits of detox tea:

Enhanced Liver Function

Daily, your body is exposed to numerous toxins, mainly environmental pollutants like heavy metals.

Detox tea is infused with chemicals that enhance your liver functions, thereby helping your body filter out toxins more efficiently. Detox tea contains ginger, rosehip, echinacea, and many other ingredients with antioxidant properties that protect your body cells against oxidative damage.

Digestive Support

Many people experience digestive discomfort due to toxicity and cytotoxicity inside their bodies. Digestive issues like bloating, gas, and constipation can all be signs of toxins buildup inside your body.

Prolonged toxicity or cytotoxicity can lead to chronic digestive problems like irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, dysphagia, gastritis, odynophagia, and esophagitis. Detox tea helps you steer clear of gastrointestinal toxicity by preventing toxins buildup in your digestive tract.

Detox tea contains so many chemicals that promote the natural elimination of waste through your body, thereby cleansing your gut and promoting smooth digestion.

Detox tea relieves flatulence by speeding up waste removal to cleanse out your gut. Similarly, some ingredients in detox tea promote the production of digestion-supporting fluids, such as bile and saliva.

When toxins build up inside your body, the ability of your body to absorb nutrients is curbed. Detox tea is replete with compounds that play a detoxifying role and stimulate the secretion of crucial enzymes for different digestive processes.

Weight Loss

Due to the laxative effect of detox tea, food passes quickly through your digestive tract, making your abdomen look flatter or slimmer. Similarly, the antioxidants present in detox tea improve your body’s metabolism and positively impact the production of appetite-controlling hormones, namely leptin and ghrelin.

Detox teas are replete with flavonoids, catechins, minerals, vitamins, and hydrochloric acid, all of which contribute to improved metabolism. While detox teas do not contribute to fat loss, they can help promote healthy body weight if consumed regularly with a healthy diet and exercise.

The antioxidants present in detox tea improve your energy levels, allowing you to perform better at the gym. Detox tea itself cannot cause real or lasting weight loss. Drinking too much of it can dehydrate you.

Detox teas are designed to complement your weight loss regimes. They help you shed more fat by boosting your energy levels and promoting a healthy balance of appetite-controlling hormones in your body.

Detox tea contains hydrochloric acid, which helps you reach satiation quickly. When you feel fuller, you eat less. This allows you to pursue a calorie-restricted diet and lose weight efficiently.

However, detox tea does not suppress your appetite to the extent that you don’t feel hungry at all. While some compounds present in detox tea contribute to appetite suppression, they do not adversely impact the hormonal activity inside your body.

Immune Strength

Detox teas are packed with a heavy amount of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents that work together to boost your immune strength. However, you can only enjoy this benefit if you take detox tea regularly in a moderate amount. Detox tea facilitates your body’s cleansing mechanism by providing it with large amounts of antioxidants. These antioxidants alleviate oxidative stress throughout your body, helping your immune system regain its strength.

Regular detoxification prevents cytotoxicity and enables the normal functioning of cells. When your cells are active and energetic, almost every system of your body works better. Detox tea improves your body’s immune strength by enhancing your body’s cleansing mechanisms. With greater immune power, your body is more capable of combating disease.

Improved Mental Function

From peppermint tea to chamomile tea to hibiscus, all types of tea help alleviate stress, improve mood, and reduce blood pressure. Excess buildup of toxins inside the body can jeopardize the functioning of all major body systems, including the nervous system.

Some active compounds in detox teas work in synergy to alleviate oxidative stress in your brain tissue. Cytotoxicity in other parts of the body can also impact your mental function.

Detox teas can help you feel lighter and more alert by eliminating toxins from your body. Some people may experience mild brain fog symptoms due to cytotoxicity in the nervous tissue. Excessive buildup of toxins can also cause fatigue and mood swings. Detox tea provides your body with significant amounts of theanine and catechins that act as neuroprotectants to promote mental clarity.

Many ingredients in detox teas also contribute to higher energy levels. By taking detox tea regularly, you can avoid mental fatigue and stay alert all day long.

Scientific Backing For Detox Tea

Detox tea is believed to contain chemicals that promote weight loss. These chemicals are known as catechins, and they seem to boost fat burning during exercise. However, experts agree that more clinical data is needed to understand the effects of detox tea on digestion, metabolism, fat burning, and weight loss.

Not many clinical studies show that detox teas promote weight loss. According to empirical evidence, detox teas improve weight loss combined with calorie-restricted diets and strenuous workouts. However, it’s unclear whether weight loss occurs due to drinking detox teas or reducing calorie intake and exercising more.

Detox teas are mostly sold with instructions for ‘cleanse’ diets and exercises. These instructions also involve healthy eating and vigorous physical activity. According to clinical evidence, detox teas cannot promote weight loss on their own. Instead, they are only designed to complement weight loss regimes by strengthening the body’s detoxification system. When the body eliminates toxins efficiently, you can lose more weight.

While some detox teas give instructions to eat healthily, some state that the product works best with calorie-restricted diets.

Detox teas often contain high doses of caffeine and other stimulants. High levels of caffeine emulate the effects of diuretics, i.e., substances that promote increased production of urine. Diuretics are often associated with weight loss as they stimulate the expulsion of water from your body in urine or through bowel movements. These substances make you lose what’s called the ‘water weight,’

Many detox teas are packed with herbal purgatives that speed up food movement through your digestive tract, giving your stomach a slimmer and flatter look. However, detox teas may not cause real or lasting weight loss. Nonetheless, there’s evidence to support the contrary.

Some clinical studies show that long-term consumption of detox tea can cause actual weight loss. While detox tea may not significantly impact fat burning, it enhances digestion to support natural weight loss. Some studies also suggest that detox teas improve metabolism and speed up fat burning when combined with low-energy diets.

Detox teas contain many ingredients which have been clinically associated with weight loss. Here’s all you need to know about the elements present in detox teas and their weight-loss-promoting benefits in the light of science:


Many detox teas contain senna, although there is not much evidence supporting its role in weight loss. Senna is one of the most common ingredients in herbal teas and supplements that promote weight loss. However, there is absolutely no scientific evidence that supports senna for weight loss.

While it may act as a complementary ingredient to add to the effects of other metabolism-boosting elements, no clinical studies suggest that senna can boost metabolism on its own.

Senna is a medication used to treat constipation. Due to its laxative effect, it’s often misinterpreted as a weight loss aid. It can also cause laxative dependence by altering your normal bowel tissue function.

According to a recent study involving over 10,000 women, people who use laxatives for weight loss are six times more likely to develop an eating disorder. Senna contains active compounds called senna glycosides or sennosides. These compounds can be absorbed in the digestive tract; however, they can be broken down by bacteria present in the gut. The breakdown of these compounds can cause mild irritation in your colon, which in turn produces a laxative effect.


A great deal of clinical evidence has substantiated the efficacy of matcha in supporting weight loss. Many studies show that matcha boosts metabolic rate to increase energy expenditure and stimulate fat burning. According to a recent study, matcha can increase fat burning by 17% during moderate exercise.

In another study involving 14 people, researchers found that matcha tea or detox tea containing matcha can considerably increase 24-hour energy experience compared to a placebo. According to a review involving 11 clinical studies, matcha may reduce body weight and help maintain weight loss.

Matcha comes from the same plant as green tea. Therefore, scientific evidence supporting the role of green tea in weight loss also corroborates the weight-loss-supporting effect of matcha. Matcha contains high amounts of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), a catechin that boasts cancer-fighting properties. Matcha has also been linked to other health benefits like preventing cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, and cancer.


According to ample scientific research, dandelions and their compounds may help promote a healthy body weight. Some studies suggest that dandelion can improve carbohydrate metabolism and inhibit fat absorption. However, this theory has not been proven in the light of scientific evidence.

According to one mice-based study, the dandelion extract may help with weight loss by inhibiting fat absorption in the body. Some other mice-based studies suggest that chlorogenic acid present in dandelions can reduce body weight, inhibit fat accumulation, and alter the levels of specific proteins involved in weight management.

Similarly, several studies suggest that dandelion may promote healthy digestion and alleviate constipation. It has long been used in traditional medicine to treat constipation and improve digestion.

In one older animal study, researchers found a considerable increase in the rates of stomach contractions and emptying in subjects treated with the dandelion extract.

Dandelion root is replete with prebiotic fiber inulin, a substance that has been shown to alleviate constipation and speed up food passage through the digestive tract.

Bitter Melon Fruit Extract

The bitter melon fruit extract is a part of many weight-loss diets. Bitter melon is low in calories and high in fiber. According to scientific research, bitter melon accelerates fat burning and promotes weight loss.

One clinical study found that taking 4.8 grams of bitter melon extract daily can cause a significant reduction in belly fat. In this study, subjects lost an average of 0.5 inches from their waist circumference after taking bitter melon for seven weeks.

Hibiscus Tea

Several clinical studies have supported the effectiveness of hibiscus tea as a weight loss aid. Some studies suggest that hibiscus tea protects against obesity. According to a study involving 36 overweight participants, hibiscus extract may reduce body weight, body mass index, and hip-to-waist circumference. This study continued for 12 weeks.


Other ingredients in detox tea have also been associated with improved metabolism, better digestion, relief from digestive discomfort, and weight loss. Fennel seed, eucalyptus leaf extract, nettle extract, rhubarb, and chamomile flower have also been linked to weight loss. However, there’s no concrete scientific evidence to support their role in weight loss.

Side Effects of Detox Teas

While some detox teas contain blends of different types of teas, some have additional ingredients that may adversely impact your health. These ingredients include powerful herbs, stimulants like caffeine, and some laxatives.

It is generally safe to consume detox tea in moderate amounts. However, you may experience dangerous side effects if you drink more than the recommended amount. Detox teas can cause serious health problems like strokes and seizures in rare cases. Here are some of the common side effects of detox teas:


Detox teas are filled with herbal laxatives that relieve and prevent constipation. Most detox teas contain laxatives in moderate amounts. However, if you consume too much detox tea, you will end up flooding your body with a high quantity of purgatives. This can lead to severe diarrhea, which can be very dangerous if it persists. You can end up becoming extremely dehydrated.

Therefore, you must not consume too much detox tea, specifically if it contains high amounts of laxatives. Senna is the most common herbal laxative present in detox teas. You must also not take other laxatives if you take detox tea regularly. Continuous use of laxatives can interfere with normal digestive processes within your body. This can make you dependent on purgatives for normal digestion and bowel movements.

Abdominal Discomfort

Abdominal discomfort is one of the most common side effects of detox teas. From cramps to bloating to nausea, detox teas can cause many types of abdominal pain. High purgatives and caffeine levels usually cause these symptoms as they strain the digestive system.

Electrolyte Imbalance

Detox tea speeds up digestion, empties your colon, and sends you rushing to the toilet more frequently. When you urinate or defecate more, your body loses fluids and becomes dehydrated—dehydration results in lower levels of electrolytes in your blood. Electrolytes play an essential role in muscle function, as electrolyte imbalance can cause muscle spasms, arrhythmia, convulsions, and lethargy, among other serious problems.

In addition to the side effects mentioned above, detox teas can cause irritation, anxiety, ringing in the ears, nervousness, restlessness, headaches, sleep disturbances, agitation, palpitations, and fast breathing rate.

Most of these symptoms are caused by caffeine. These symptoms are more prominent in people who have caffeine sensitivity. People with caffeine sensitivity may experience sleep issues if they take a detox tea with even a minimum caffeine intake. While consuming up to 400 milligrams of caffeine per day is considered safe for healthy people who have developed caffeine tolerance, the same amount can cause serious side effects in people who are sensitive to caffeine. Nonetheless, most detox teas do not contain a hefty dose of caffeine.

Frequently Asked Questions About Detox Tea Supplementation

We get many questions about detox teas, ingredients, and health benefits. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about detox teas:

Q: Why do I need detox tea if my body eliminates toxins naturally?

A: While your body can undergo detoxification naturally, detox teas help enhance your body’s natural cleansing system. They contain bioactive compounds that work together to optimize your body’s detoxification system. Several organs are involved in detoxification in your body, including kidneys and liver.

Q: Are detox teas genuinely beneficial for my health?

A: Yes, detox teas are beneficial for your health. They provide many health benefits, including improved liver function, better digestion, improved metabolism, mental alertness, high energy levels, and weight loss. Detox teas are filled with many types of antioxidants that fight off free radicals and protect your body against disease.

Q: What do detox teas do?

A: Detox teas contain large amounts of phytonutrients that support the overall health of your body. Phytonutrients are natural chemicals that boost your metabolism, improve your body’s fat-burning abilities, and promote a healthy appetite. Phytonutrients also improve liver function and support gut health.

Q: Do detox teas support gut health?

A: Yes, detox teas support gut health. They contain natural superfoods like dandelion, senna, ginger, and fennel. These natural ingredients soothe your stomach, improve gut flora, and remove toxins from your gastrointestinal tract. Excessive buildup of toxins in the gastrointestinal tract can lead to GI toxicity which can cause chronic digestive disorders.

Q: Do detox teas help with constipation?

A: Yes, detox teas may help with constipation. These aperients loosen stools and aid in smooth bowel movements, thereby alleviating and preventing constipation.

Q: Does detox tea cause palpitations?

A: Detox tea does not generally cause palpitations as they only contain a small amount of caffeine. Many detox teas are caffeine-free and do not cause heart rate or blood pressure elevation. Nonetheless, you may experience heart palpitations if you have a caffeine sensitivity.

Q: What is a detox diet?

A: A detox diet is a short-term dietary intervention that helps remove toxic substances from your body. Some detox diets involve a period of fasting, followed by a vegan diet. Many people incorporate detox teas in their diets to maximize their effects.

Q: What does a detox diet do?

A: A detox diet helps reset your organs so that they can function better. Detox diets are designed to neutralize the effects of toxins in your body. These diets improve your body’s natural cleansing mechanism by speeding up waste removal through sweat, urine, and feces. Detox diets also help improve blood circulation and nutrient absorption within your body.

Q: Are detox diets safe?

A: Detox diets are safe if followed for the recommended period. Like other fad diets, detox diets have some side effects specifically for young people. Potential side effects of detox diets include nausea, dizziness, muscle aches, fatigue, hypoglycemia, and low energy levels.

Q: What ingredients are present in detox teas?

A: Detox teas contain natural purgatives, herbs, vitamins, minerals, and natural sources of fiber. The most popular ingredients present in detox teas include burdock root, ginger, turmeric, dandelion root, fennel, chamomile flower, parsley extract, and hibiscus flower.

Q: Do detox teas help with weight loss?

A: Detox teas can only help with weight loss when combined with exercise and a healthy diet. They contain bioactive compounds that improve your body’s natural detoxification system and prevent cytotoxicity. Cytotoxicity renders your digestive system unable to process food inefficiently. You cannot lose weight despite following a strict weight loss regime when this happens. Detox teas help maximize the effects of your weight loss program.

Q: What foods should I eat during a cleanse?

A: You should eat vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans, legumes, complex carbs, and fats during a cleanse. You must consume all fats from seed butter, avocado, and raw nuts.

Q: Why do I feel sick during a cleanse?

A: Some people may feel sick on a detox protocol. This is because they are getting poisoned with their own released toxins. They may experience fatigue, headaches, bloating, chills, palpitations, brain fog, muscle pain, joint pain, and nausea.

Q: What toxins am I exposed to daily?

A: People are commonly exposed to chemicals like polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and dioxin typically found at waste sites. Additionally, many products we use daily contain toxins, such as alcohol, cosmetics, pesticides, prescription or over-the-counter medications, and household cleaners.

Q: How do toxins damage my health?

A: Toxins make their way to your tissues upon entering your body, causing cytotoxicity and preventing the normal functioning of the cells. They damage your enzymes and avoid hemoglobin production. Cytotoxicity can also lead to increased oxidative stress, failure to produce energy, and a high risk of chronic and fatal diseases like cancer.


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