WILDER JR.: Juniors win four straight against Elma, Montesano

ELMA — Wilder Junior swept four games this weekend, and the juniors did it in a variety of ways — through outstanding pitching in one game and explosive offense in another and coming from way behind in two other games.

The juniors beat Elma on Saturday by the incredible score of 27-2 and beat them again in a more conventional score of 8-4. On Sunday, they beat Monte Summer 17U 11-7 and then in their late game, they scored five runs in the sixth inning to come from behind to win 9-7.

In the late Monte Summer game, Kaleb Ripley had the big blow in the second inning with a two-run double to drive in two runners. Ripley had two doubles in the game. Tate Gahimer then came in on a wild pitch and Jacob Felton hit a sacrifice fly for two more runs.

Ripley finished the game 3 for 4 with two RBIs, while Lucas Jarnigan was 3 for 3 and an RBI and a stolen base. Timmy Adams, who had an unbelievable weekend, was 1 for 3 with a run scored, an RBI, a double, a walk and a stolen base. Gahimer and Michael Grubb each scored two runs.

Kamron Meadows picked up the win on the mound, pitching the final 2 1/3 innings and giving up no runson no hits, with one walk and one strikeout.

In the early game Sunday, Wilder Junior was in a tight pitchers’ duel until the seventh inning. Wilder Jr. blew open a 4-2 game with a seven-run seventh inning, then had to hold on the bottom of the seventh as Monte Summer scored five runs.

Adams was 2 for 3 with two runs scored. Tanner Lunt was 2 for 3 with a run scored and an RBI, while Jarnigan was 1 for 3 with a double, three runs scored and Tanner Price was 2 for 3 with two RBIs. Grubb was 1 for 4 with a double, a run scored, a stolen base and an RBI.

Gahimer picked up the win on the mound, going 5 1/3 innings in a starting role, giving up four hits, three walks and one earned run.

Wilder Jr. 9, Monte Summer 7

Monte 1 0 0 3 3 0 0 — 7 4 0

WJr. 1 0 0 0 3 5 x — 9 11 5

WP: Meadows LP: Daniels


Monte — Ridgeway 5IP, 9H, 6ER, K, 5BB; Daniels 0.0IP, 2H, 3ER; Iverson 0.2IP, 0H, 4BB; Dohrman 0.1IP.

Wilder Jr. — Hall 4IP, 3H, 0ER, K, 4BB; Seibel 0.2IP, H, 0ER, K, BB; Meadows 2.1IP, K, BB.


Monte — Wills 1-4, 2R, Dohrman 1-4, 2RBI; Olsen 1-2, R, 2BB; Iverson 1-2, RBI, BB.

Wilder Jr. — Ripley 3-4, 2 2B, 2RBI; Jarnigan 3-3, RBI, BB, SB; Gahimer 1-2, 2R, RBI, BB; Felton 1-3, 2RBI, SF; Adams 1-3, 2B, R, RBI, SB.

Wilder Jr. 11, Monte Summer 7

WJr. 0 1 1 0 0 2 7 — 11 13 3

Monte 0 0 0 0 1 1 5 — 7 6 1

WP: Gahimer LP: Wills


Monte — Wills 6.2IP, 9H, 4ER, 3K; Ridgeway 0.1IP, 4H, 2ER, K.

Wilder Jr. — Gahimer 5.1IP, 4H, ER, 3BB; Watkins 1IP, ER, BB; Noard 0.2IPm 2H, 2ER, 2BB.


Monte — Lano 1-3, R, 2RBI; Dohrman 103, 2R, RBI; Iverson 3-3, R, RBI.

Wilder Jr. — Adams 2-3, 2R, SB, HBP; Lunt 2-3, R, RBI, SB; Price 2-3, 2RBI; Ripley 1-1, R, 2RBI, SB; Scofield 1-2, R, RBI; Grubb 1-4, 2B, R, RBI, SB; Jarnigan 1-3, 2B, 3R, HBP; Felton 1-4, 2B, R; Meadows 1-4, RBI, SB.

Saturday’s games

In the 27-2 win over Elma, Wilder Junior erupted for 17 hits and was helped by nine Elma errors.

Several Junior hitters had huge days, led by Adams. Adams went 4 for 6 with a double, two triples, two runs scored, a stolen base and eight RBIs. Landon Seibel was 3 for 4 with three runs scored and three RBIs. Wyatt Hall had a hit, a walk, a stolen base, five runs scored and three RBIs and Grubb was 1 for 4 with four runs scored and three RBIs.

Jarnigan was 2 for 5 with a double, a run scored and two RBIs, while Kaleb Ripley was 2 for 2 with two runs scored. Adam Watkins had a hit, an RBI, a stolen base and three runs scored.

Wilder Junior got off to a fast start, scoring 10 runs in the first and 13 in the third.

On the mound, Mason Nickovich went the full five innings, giving up just two hits and no earned runs, while striking out eight.

The second Elma game was much more competitive. Elma was winning this won 4-1 after 4½ innings when Wilder Junior erupted for four runs in the bottom of the fifth and three in the bottom of the sixth to build up an 8-4 lead. Carson Ness went the final three innings, giving up two hits and no runs while striking up four to pick up the win.

At the plate Adams went 2 for 4 with a run scored and an RBI, while Lunt was 2 for 4 with three runs scored and an RBI. Hall hit a triple and scored two runs, while Tanner Price had two RBIs, a walk, two steals and a run scored. Watkins was 1 for 2 with an RBI, two steals and two walks.

Over the weekend, Adams was 9 for 16 in four games games with six runs scored, 10 RBIs, two doubles and two triples.

Wilder Jr. 27, Elma 2

WJr. (10) 4 (13) 0 0 x x — 27 17 2

Elma 0 0 0 2 0 x x — 2 2 9

WP: Nickovich LP: Elliot


Wilder Jr. — Nickovich 5IP, 2H, 0ER, 8K, 0BB.

Elma — Elliot 0.1IP 3H, 8ER, K, 2BB; Jacobsen 2IP, 9H, 2ER, 2K, 4BB; Moore 2.2IP, 5H, 0ER, 5K.


Wilder Jr. — Adams 4-6, 2B, 2 3B, 8RBIs, 2R, SB; Seibel 3-4, 3R, 3RBI; Hall 1-3, 3RBI, 5R, BB, SB; Jarnigan 2-5, 2B, 2RBI; Ripley 2-2, RBI, 2R; Watkins 1-4, 3R, RBI, BB, 2SB; Price 1-4, 4R, 3RBI, BB; Felton 1-2, R, RBI, BB; Lunt 1-2, 2R, RBI, BB, SB; Grubb 1-4, 4R, 3RBI, BB, SB.

Elma — Robinate 1-3, R; Richardson 102, R; Jacobsen 0-2, 2RBI.

Wilder Jr. 8, Elma 4

Elma 0 1 2 0 1 0 0 — 4 9 3

WJr. 1 0 0 0 4 3 x — 8 9 0

WP: Ness LP: Rustmeyer


Elma — Rustmeyer 4IP, 8H, 5ER, 7K, 3BB; Robinate 2IP, H, 0ER, 2K, BB.

Wilder Jr. — Scofield 2IP, H, 0ER, K, 3BB; Jarnigan 0.2IP, H, 2ER, 3BB; GRubb 1.1IP, 5H, ER, BB; Ness 3.0IP, 2H, 4K.


Elma — Shriver 2-3; Robinate 2-4; Jacobsen 1-2, R, 2BB; Rustmeyer 0-2, R, 2BB; Whipple 103, RBI, BB.

Wilder Jr. — Lunt 2-4, 3R, RBI, SB; Adams 2-4 R, RBI; Hall 1-3, 3B, 2R, BB; Watkins 1-2, RBI, 2BB; Nickovich 1-3, R; Gahimer 0-2, SF, RBI; Price 0-1, R, 2RBI, 2SB.

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