Keith Thorpe/Peninsula Daily News Mariah LaChester of Clallam Bay competes in girls javelin during Friday’s Port Angeles Invitational meet at Port Angeles High School.

PREP TRACK AND FIELD: Port Angeles girls claim home invite, Clallam Bay, Crescent, Forks and Neah Bay all compete

Editor’s Note: Grace Baillargeon was listed in the Port Angeles Invitational results as being a Clallam Bay student. The story has been updated to show that she is a Crescent student.

PORT ANGELES — Port Angeles’ Gracie Long won three individual events and teams from Sequim and Port Angeles did well in long-distance events at the annual Port Angeles Invitational track meet.

The Roughrider girls won the event with 110 team points, edging out North Kitsap by three points. The Class 1B Clallam Bay girls had a good meet, tying for third place with 80 team points against the bigger programs.

For the boys, Sequim came in second with 88.33 points behind North Kitsap’s 115.33. Port Angeles was third with 80 points.

Long won the 1500-meter run, the 1.5-kilometer steeplechase and the high jump. Her teammate Kynzie Deleon, a freshman, won the 800-meter run.

For Sequim, Murray Bingham won the 1,500-meter boys’ event. His teammate Riley Martin won the 110-meter hurdles.

Other North Peninsula winners include:

Peyton Rondeau of Forks won the discus with a throw of 118 feet, 4 inches, a personal record and 16 feet beyond the second-place throw.

Liam Clark of Port Angeles leaped 5-8 in the high jump, beating Ryan McCoy of Clallam Bay and Richard Hall of Sequim by six inches.

Devin Edwards, Port Angeles, had a put of 32 feet, 3 1/4 inches in the shot put, beating Raine Westfall of Crescent by over three feet.

McKenzie Brannan, Crescent, javelin, 95 feet 9 inches, 14 feet better than the second-place throw. She also picked up a second place in the discus.

Elizabeth Sweet, Sequim, 8 feet, 0 inches in the pole vault.

Grace Baillargeon, Crescent, 1:06.17 in the 400-meter run.

Full results of area athletes:

Track and Field

Port Angeles Invitational

Boys results

Team scores: NK, first, 115.33; Sequim, second, 88.33; PA, third, 80; Olympic, fourth, 59.5; Forks, fifth, 44; CB, sixth, 41.33; Crescent, seventh, 39; NB, eighth, 26.5.

100-meter run — Curtis Gorr, Sequim, second 11.90; Cameron Buzzell, NB, third, 11.91; Clayton Willis, PA, fifth, 12.13; Jakob Baillargeon, Crescent, sixth, 12.63; Seth Johnson, Forks, seventh, 13.07; Ryan Strid, CB, eighth, 13.39.

400-meter run — Andrew Wilder, Forks, third, 58.81 seconds; Eric Emery, Crescent, fourth, 1:02.39; Nolan Hughes, PA, fifth, 1:05.40; Strid, CB, sixth, 1:07.36.

800-meter run — Alec Shingleton, Sequim, second, 2:13.29; Josue Lucas, Forks, fourth, 2:23.34; Jamari Signor, CB, fifth, 2:29.10; Karson Nicpon, PA, sixth, 2:48.15.

1,500-meter run — Murray Bingham, Sequim, first, 4:28.29; Josue Lucas, Forks, third, 4:44.11; Thomas Shaw, PA, fifth, 5:07.63; Kyle Buchannan, Crescent, sixth, 5:15.71; Caiton Smith, CB, seventh, 6:08.63.

110-meter hurdles — Riley Martin, Sequim, first, 16.32; Jamari Signor, CB, fourth, 20.45; Daimon Batchelor, PA, fifth, 21.42.

300-meter hurdles — Martin, Sequim, second, 47.63; Liam Clark, PA, third, 47.81; Ryan McCoy, CB, fourth, 49.81; Brady Edwards, Forks, fifth, 55.03.

2k steeplechase — Shaw, PA, first, 5:51.51.

4-by-100 relay — Sequim (Gorr, Keyshawn Whitney, Silas Isenberger, Riley Cowan), second, 46.54; Neah Bay (Anthony Bitegeko, Logan Halttunen, Chris Tageant, Buzzell), third, 49.37; Crescent (Kyle Buchannan, Jakob Baillargeon, Timothy Ward, Emery), fourth, 51.27; Port Angeles (Nathan Adamire, Ryan Adamire, Batchelor, Adam Kennedy), fifth, 56.87.

Shot put — Wyatt McNeese, Crescent, second, 40-0 1/4; Brenden Lauritzen, Sequim, third, 39-5 1/4; Luke Dahlgren, Forks, fifth, 35-0; Hayden Wickham, PA, sixth, 34-9; Phil Greene, NB, seventh, 33-1; Kalin Duncan, CB, eighth, 26-1 3/4.

Discus —Peyton Rondeau, Forks, first, 118-4; Neil Peppard, Crescent, third, 102-1; Lauritzen, Sequim, fourth, 92-9; Signor, CB, fifth, 73-8; Scott Nutter, PA, seventh, 48-11.

Javelin — McCoy, CB, first, 129-4; Riley Cowan, Sequim, second, 128-9; Anton Kathol, PA, third, 117-11; Peppard, Crescent, fifth; 109-9; Eden Cisneros, Forks, sixth, 95-10; Greene, NB, 82-7, eighth.

High jump — Clark, PA, first, 5-8, McCoy, CB, second, 5-2; Richard Hall, Sequim, second, Sequim; Bitegeko, NB, fifth, 5-0.

Pole vault — Liam Byrne, Sequim, second, 9-0; Logan Tyson, PA, 7-3.

Long jump — Clayton Willis, PA, second, 19-8; Baillargeon, Crescent, fourth 19-7 3/4; Wilder, Forks, fifth, 16-7; Byrne, Sequim, sixth, 16-4 3/4.

Triple jump — Bitegeko, NB, second, 36-9 1/4; Willis, PA, third, 36-7 3/4.

Girls results

PA, first, 110; NK, second, 107; Olympic, third, 80; CB, third, 80; Sequim, fifth, 53; Forks, sixth, 36; Crescent, seventh, 33; NB, eighth 18.

100-meter run — Lainnie Lyamba, PA, second, 13.74; Jennica Maines, CB, third, 14.02; Daisey Ryan, Sequim, fifth, 14.57; Arianna Corpuz, NB, sixth, 15.15; Kaitlin Rowley, Forks, seventh, 15.49; Tena Ward, Crescent, eighth, 1604.

400-meter run — Grace Baillargeon, Crescent, first, 1:06.17; Madison Carlson, Forks, third, 1:10.18; Kristinna Barnet, Sequim, fourth; Alisandra Baccus, PA, sixth, 1:14.01; Sidney Smith, CB, seventh, 1:20.36.

800-meter run — Kynzie Deleon, PA, first, 2:42.18; Kaylin Signore, CB, third, 3:10.19; Annhelica Wells, Forks, fourth, 3:18.79.

1,500-meter run — Gracie Long, PA, first, 5:22; Marissa Bailey, Forks, third, 5:30.49; Mirana Tyree, CB, fourth, 6:40.66.

100-meter hurdles — Shayli Schuman, Sequim, second, 18.27; Delaney Wenzl, PA, fourth, 20.49, Sylvia Torres, Forks, fifth, 23.28; Acacia Bergstrom, Crescent, sixth, 25.62.

300-meter hurdles — Wenzl, PA, 54.32; Hannah Olson, CB, fourth, 59.87; Corpuz, NB, fifth, 1:01.74; Ella Damron, Forks sixth, 1:02.66.

1.5K steeplechase — Long, PA, first, 5:30.73; Signor, CB, second, 6:57.62.

4-by-100 relay — Port Angeles (Rylie Ashley-Morgan, Brittani Delgardno, Jasmine Perez, Alexis Cobb), second, 56.71; Clallam Bay (Atokena Abe, Molly McCoy, Olson, Jennica Maines), fourth; Forks (Yulissa Hernandez, Macy Luong, Angela Garcia-Moog, Kaitlin Rowley), fifth, 1:06.07.

4-by-200 relay — Sequim (Ryan, Elizabeth Sweet, Barnet, Telicia Busby), third, 2:01.49; Clallam Bay (Maria LaChester, Tyree, Chelsey Ritter, Kendra Anderson), fourth, 2:08.82; Port Angeles (Ashley-Morgan, Jehannah Sollmann, Emma Albright, Nutter), fifth, 2:16.55; Crescent (Tena Ward, Ashara Dodson, Alyssa Hutto, Bergstrom), sixth, 2.18.40; Forks (Evelyn Aranda, Wells, Hernandez, Luong), seventh, 2:20.49.

Shot put — Devin Edwards, PA, first, 32-3 1/4; Raine Westfall, Crescent, second, 28-11; Lindsey Leader, Sequim, third, 24-3; Alicia Loomis, NB, fourth, 23-3 1/2; Emily Abrahams, Forks, fourth, 23-3 1/2; Tierra Hess, CB, eighth, 22-1 3/4.

Discus — McKenzie Brannan, Crescent, second, 74-5; Clarisse Finman, Sequim, third 71-0; Jennifer Danielson, PA, fourth, 67-10; Hess, CB, sixth, 60-7.

Javelin — Brannan, Crescent, first 95-9; Edwards, PA, third, 77-9; LaChester, CB, fourth, 73-2; Kaitlyn Vlada, Sequim, fourth, 72-0; Loomis, NB, sixth, 48-10.

High jump — Long, PA, first, 4-10; McCoy, CB, second, 4-6.

Pole vault — Sweet, Sequim, first, 8-0.

Long jump — Albright, PA, second, 14-4 1/2; Abe, CB, fourth 13-8 1/2; Rylee Gray, fifth, Sequim, 10-7 1/2.

Triple jump — Maines, CB, second, 30-6 1/4; Lyamba, PA, fourth, 30-1; Kayla Winck, NB, fifth, 25-8 1/2.


Compiled from team reports. Email scores to [email protected] or phone 360-417-3525.

Keith Thorpe/Peninsula Daily News Anthony Bitegeko of Neah Bay goes into his step in the triple jump on Friday at Port Angeles High School.

Keith Thorpe/Peninsula Daily News Riley Martin of Sequim, center, moves into first place ahead of Nathanael Kjormoe of North Kitsap, left, to win the boys 110m hurdles during Fridays Port Angeles Invitational at Port Angeles High School. Port Angeles’ Daimon Batchelor, right, took forth in the event.

Keith Thorpe/Peninsula Daily News Thomas Shaw of Port Angeles clears an obstacle during the 2k steeplechase on Friday. Shaw was the lone varsity competitor in the event.

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